Flash Mob at The Ohio State University

This is not a “gluten-free” related post (although it does give me an idea, see below), but I just had to share this super cool video of a flash mob dance at The Ohio State University (of which I am a proud alumni!!).  Kim, over at Gluten-Free Is Life emailed this to me this morning and I have watched it about 20 times since, it just makes you want to dance! Go BUCKS! 🙂

So here’s my idea: we should organize a gluten-free flash mob!  Can’t you just see Dr. Fasano, Dr. Ford, Dr. Green, Dr. Guandalini and all the other great celiac disease/gluten-sensitivity experts launching into a flash mob at one of the celiac disease conferences??  Imagine the level of awareness we could generate with that! 😀

Have anything fun planned to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Maybe a themed dinner?  I have been lost in “Vitamix- Space,” for the past 24 hours and forgot to plan something, so if you have an idea to share, please do!

4 Responses

  1. What fun to watch! Thanks for passing it on.

    We’ll be having — what else? — Chili with Quesadillas tonight.

  2. Pat,

    Yum! I love quesadillas. I actually like them better with corn tortillas that I ever did with the gluteny flour tortillas! Black beans, shredded chicken, and pepper jack cheese is my fave.

    I am giving a go with first attempt at homemade refried beans tonight, think I will make some bean tostadas! 🙂

  3. I think that the GF Flash Mob is an awesome idea!! Are you going to choreograph that? 🙂

  4. Kim,

    Only if you are my co-choreographer! 🙂

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