Celiac Disease at School

504 Information
Letter to the Teacher
Letter to the School Nurse
Letter to Cafeteria Staff
Letter to Guidance Counselor
Letter to the Principal
Gluten Free Snack and Candy List (Celiac Central)

Celiac Disease in College

I was not gluten free during my years at Ohio State, and I did live off campus in an apartment with a roommate. Personally, dorm life just did not appeal to me. I would imagine though that living in your own apartment would be a lot easier on the gluten free diet. If that is not a possibility, here are some links that you might find helpful in order to have a healthy college experience.

Celiac Disease at The Ohio State University (This is a blog post by Celiacs in the House. There is a great list of questions to ask the head of food service at your child’s college)

The Gluten Free College Student

Gluten-Free Food for a College Dorm, an Amazon List

Gluten Free College Student Cookbook

College Living, Gluten Free

Advice for the Gluten Free College Student

GF College Knowledge (published by Gluten Free Living Magazine)

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