Jumping through the Pringles Loophole

I know that Pringles (which are NOT gluten-free) as well as many other mainstream chips are just not good for you, you will get no argument from me on that one. However, raising a child with celiac disease can be very difficult when it comes to social situations, as any parent with a child that has a dietary restriction knows. Our children often have to do without and “brown bagging” it to school everyday can leave some children feeling alone, different, etc., especially when they see their classmates getting “hot lunch” or pulling out a Lunchables meal… much “cooler” meals according to Sam.

My approach to parenting is one of being a mentor/coach. I am trying to teach my son how to navigate in a gluten world. Small things, like a GF Lunchable can help kids realize that being gluten-free is sometimes a daunting obstacle but one that can be overcome with a little creativity.  At some point, all of us as parents will have to mentor our children through the realization that something is “different” about them, whether it’s poor eyesight, struggles with weight, public speaking, etc.  Mike and I figure we can either teach Sam to simply “accept” his condition and slowly view any situation with food as something to avoid, or he can learn that whatever setbacks he faces in life can be used as learning experiences and opportunities to “raise his game.”  Every child will face some sort of setback at some point in their childhood, and in a way I am grateful that I have this opportunity to teach Sam a valuable life lesson at an early age, so that hopefully he is better equipped emotionally to handle the next challenge he might face.

Sam has recently been talking about how some kids take the little pre-packaged Pringles to school. I reminded him that he has chips that look just like Pringles (Lays STAX)… “yea, but they don’t have the same package.” Sam is so funny to me, you can tell he feels bad for caring about packaging, but he is 6 and that is what most 6 year olds do, which is why company’s market to children! 😉

So, I set out to find a package! I recalled having seen a little Pringles container years ago, so I went shopping to look for one. Apparently, the “Pringles POP Box” is no longer sold in the US! Not one to let that stop me (my stubborn determination can be useful at times), I found them on Ebay, but they are physically located in the United Kingdom, so there was some added shipping involved. I bought 3 POP Boxes for about $25 (give or take) after shipping costs were added. We don’t eat out much so this is what I splurge on instead! 🙂

Now for a gluten-free version of the stacked curvy chip that I remember turning into a “duck bill” as a kid!

Lays STAX are gluten-free. We bought one of each that was available at the store so I could take some photos of the ingredient labels:

Original Flavor

All of the STAX containers are labeled gluten-free.

I took photos of the other ingredient labels as well…

Sour Cream and Onion Flavor,

Mesquite Barbecue Flavor,

Salt and Vinegar Flavor

Sam and I had a nice little talk about the ingredient labels and “he” recommended we just stick with the “Original Flavor.” 🙂

The POP Boxes hold 10 chips (just under the technical serving size, so that is a little bonus) and the chips stay in one piece until lunchtime!

Sam has been so excited about these. He wants to “bling out” the black POP box with Darth Vader stickers…. fitting. 😉

Next week I will be doing several posts on lunchbox ideas to tie in with a super cool lunchbox system I found, there will be a giveaway too!! 😀

9 Responses

  1. You are one AWESOME mom!

    • Lisa,

      Thank you. It’s funny, I was diagnosed with adult ADD about a year ago, which was somewhat of a surprise to me at the time because I didn’t think I fit the “classic” description of an ADD child. Looking back though, I can definitely see it in many instances. Because I was never “diagnosed” growing up, I had to develop some coping mechanisms to get by. I found a lot of “shortcuts” to achieve the results I needed in school, etc. and I now view that “resourcefulness” from my childhood as early training for being a celiac parent with a celiac child! 🙂

  2. This is absolutely AMAZING! I love your outlook on how to handle gluten-free kiddos and I’m constantly impressed with your creativity! A+ job!

  3. I love this! What a great mom you are to this child! How fun for him!

  4. I can’t remember if I have ever commented before but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and all of your great ideas. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 6 months ago and our whole family went gluten free. A few years ago we started eating without chemicals because of my son’s learning issues and it has made a huge difference for him so this was just another “special” thing that my kids had to deal with. While we can’t do all of the things you post because of the all natural thing, it has inspired me to be more creative for my kids which has been much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

  5. Thanks Becci! That is my hope with sharing my ideas… to inspire other mom’s to “think outside the box,” and find that gluten-free “Loophole.” 🙂

    We are doing a lot more All-Natural foods too, it is the way we should all eat and I strongly believe that by not eating All-Natural in the first place has played a MAJOR part in a lot of food-related issues.

    I am weening us off of most processed foods and I only do things like the Lays Stax, etc. for Sam to take to school and feel “normal” among his peers. At home, lunches are whatever I can concoct and we forgo chips, etc. for fruit, raw veggies and the like.

    Having young children, I am hoping to influence their taste buds so they don’t crave the sugar, salt and other junk in processed foods and prefer the healthy, natural alternatives. We are turning the majority of our back yard into garden space (raised beds) and I am excited to see how they react to going in the backyard for “snack time!” 🙂

  6. Lay’s STAX are not sold in NYC or Long Island!!! I don’t understand why. I sent Lay’s an email. Hopefully I hear back from them soon.

    In the meantime, my step-daughter lives in Gainesville, FL – and in exchange for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, she will send up Lay’s STAX to us.

    The hoops we have to jump through….

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