About a month ago, I was trying to get a print-friendly button on my blog to make it easier to print the posted recipes; but I couldn’t find one that was compatible with my blogging platform (I am contemplating a move by the way, I will keep you posted on that).

I stumbled across this website and I have been using it ever since…on every website I visit, regardless if they have a print-friendly button. You can choose your style, size (up to an extra large font!) and margin to view your favorite websites on, which will remove the clutter of ads and make it easier to print without accidentally printing all the photos (and using up costly ink!) in the process.

After you select your preferred settings, you simply drag the Readability Bookmarklet to your toolbar! When you find a recipe or other useful item you want to print, just click the Readability button on your toolbar to get a nice clean page that you can highlight your desired print section and print away! This tool is not designed to print Home Pages so you will need to click the title of the post on the Home Page first.

My button is customized for a Large Font (to reduce squinting) and an Extra Narrow Margin so I save on paper!!

Quick example from my recent Glazed Doughnut post:

Before clicking my Readabilty button.

Cool huh? 😀

3 Responses

  1. It does not effect printing, but for larger font on screen, in most web browsers you can press the control key and plus key (Ctrl +) to increase the font size.

  2. You can also use ctrl and scroll on your mouse to enlarge and reduce. I use that all the time.

    I decided not to enter your giveaway because we don’t do lunch boxes on a regular basis except for my husband who takes dinner leftovers.

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