Baked! Nacho Cheese Doritos are Gluten Free!

I pretty much hit the jackpot today at the grocery store. I go in for a bell pepper and 3 hours later I emerge with Nathan’s Famous Beef Franks and (almost) the original Nacho Cheese Doritos… both Gluten-Free! This is exactly why Mike does most of the grocery shopping in our house… I could be there for hours on a GF Scavenger Hunt!

This find was particularly fabulous and ironic all at the same time. While I have never been a big Doritos eater (I am a Cape Cod 40% Reduced Fat Kettle Chips gal to be specific), Sam and Mike used to love them. I have been tinkering for weeks, trying to make a copycat “red bag” Doritos seasoning so I could make my own. I’m not kidding either, I have even been dehydrating tomatoes to make tomato powder because I saw it on the ingredient label! Came close, but no cigar.

So, as I was walking down the chip aisle, my eye caught the Baked! Doritos in the Nacho Cheese flavor. I had not seen these before (remember, I do not usually go to the grocery store), so I thought I would take a look. After reading the label 3 or 4 times (and darn near fainting), I decided to buy the bag, then go home and check it out before telling my guys. I knew it had to be a mistake!

Well, it was not a mistake, they are indeed gluten-free! Click here to go to the Frito Lay website page with the information.

The flavor is identical to the original Nacho Cheese Doritos. The texture is definitely different, very similar to the other Baked! chip products, but they are still really good. Not to mention the fact that they are not as bad for you as the original version!

4 Responses

  1. Hello there!
    I was just clicking around on Foodie Blogroll and saw your site. My family and I are just starting out on a GF diet and I am so excited!
    Hope to be back by to visit soon!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I have been looking for these for a very long time. NO can find here in Columbus. These were my fav pre-GF! I did find the Nathan’s hot dogs yesterday & had them in my cart until I realized that I wasn’t going right home! LOL!

  3. Hi, I was also looking at the Lay’s GF website and was very surprised by the number of GF snacks they have – especially the flavored chips (BBQ, etc.) which are not usually GF. Just wondering if the label on the chips actually says GF or if there are just no GF ingredients listed. I’ve been GF for over 2 years and am still trying to navigate the labeling requirements.

    Thanks for sharing!

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