Arrowhead Mills Pour’n Bake Pumpkin Pie

I found this nifty little product at my local Sunflower Market last week. Arrowhead Mills Pour’n Bake Pumpkin Pie Filling. It comes in an aseptic carton, just like chicken broth but it is about half the size! No aluminum can so hopefully no BPA! I used a Whole Foods GF Frozen Pie Crust for this taste test and review. I am a HORRIBLE homemade pie crust maker, but I am working on it because I would really like to quit paying $8 for 2 pie crusts!

Pour n' Bake Pumpkin Pie Filling

All you need for this filling is to add 1 egg to the mix before pouring it into the pie crust.

Bake n' Pour Pumpkin2

As you can see, there is not a lot of filling in the container, you will need 2 containers if you want to fill a Whole Foods GF pie crust.

Pumpkin Pie

Finished Pumpkin Pie


One pie filling does NOT adequately fill a Whole Foods GF Pie Crust! See the gap between the filling and the top of the crust??

This is a pretty good pumpkin pie filling. I think the overall body is lighter in texture than the homemade filling I make (I normally use the recipe on the label of Libby’s canned pumpkin). I also do not think it is as creamy and “custard-y” as homemade pumpkin pie filling. It is certainly fast and convenient though! 🙂

Cost breakdown:

$2.39 + tax per box of pie filling ($4.78 + tax for two)

$4.00 + tax for one Whole Foods GF Pie Crust

$6.39 – $8.39 + tax for a GF pumpkin pie using the packaged GF pie filling and pre-made GF crust.

Not cheap being Gluten-Freeis it just me, or do you feel like we always draw the “short straw”?

2 Responses

  1. I just made a pumpkin pie using Arrowhead Mills and I am not impressed with it. Yes, you do need to cartons and it really doesn’t turn out very well. It’s way too soft for me. I like my pumpkin pie to be firm. I’d rather take the time to make it from scratch then waste my money on this.

    Great pics!


    • Christina,

      I agree, this was the first pumpkin pie I made for the 2009 holiday season, so it had been a year since having my last pumpkin pie. As I made more for the holidays the “old fashioned” way… I realized that I did not like this pie filing at all, especially the price! I also managed to make my own pie crust finally, even though it was not very pretty (but the price was beautiful!).

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