Pie Crust Maker

OMG!!! A gluten free baker’s BFF! The Pie Crust Maker!

Back in September, when my GIG support group was making GF pies for the NM state fair, a member brought in this gadget and I just about fell over! This is a gluten free baker’s absolute MUST-HAVE! Since GF “doughs” (batter is more fitting in many instances) can be particularly sticky and difficult to roll out, many of us have given up and have resorted to paying A LOT of money for the pre-made GF frozen pie crusts.

Since purchasing this pie crust maker, I have been practicing at making my own pie crust. While my crusts would still not win the “best-looking” category in a pie contest, they have improved a great deal!  Besides, it is the taste that matters right?

Before this nifty little contraption, the hassle of making my own GF pie crust was not worth it, but now that the hassle is gone…I have the energy to practice on the beauty! 🙂

Pie Crust Maker

Pie Crust Maker2

Pie Crust Maker3

Unzip the pouch and open

Pie Crust Maker4

Pie Crust Maker5

Add some gluten-free flour for dusting

Pie Crust MAker6

Zip up the pouch and shake to coat each side in flour

Pie Crust MAker7

Roll out your dough

Pie Crust MAker8

Unzip the pouch and flip the crust over the pie pan

Pie Crust MAker9

Add your filling...

Pie Crust MAker10

Then add your top crust and crimp to seal the edges! How do some people make such beautiful crimped edges? Is there a trick???

Pie Crust MAker11

Warm Apple Pie

6 Responses

  1. Ummm…..yeah….I need one of those! LOL!

  2. I was the one that brought this Pie Crust Maker to the Pie baking class. I am glad you got one. I LOVE MINE.
    I really enjoy your web site and all its recipes and information. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Nancy!!
      I remember, you are the GF pie guru! 🙂 Your husband is Bob right? I went that very day to Now We’re Cooking and bought the Pie Crust Maker. I use it for all my dough based recipes including my Goldfish Crackers. I even used it last night to roll out gingerbread dough to cut my forms for my first ever completely homemade gingerbread house! I will post on this project sometime this week 🙂 Thank you SOOOOO much for bringing the Pie Crust Maker into my life, it was a godsend!

      • Hi Heidi,
        I am glad you liked it. I know when I bought my first one Bob had just been diagnosed and was experimenting with baking. He is such a pie face. We were on a trip in Fredricksberg, Tx and of course I always hit the kitchen shops. I was so happy that Now Your Cooking has them. Now that our son has been diagnosed I bought them one and a couple extra for me. I don’t want to make another pie without one.
        I LOVE your Blog Site and all the yummy recipes and information you put on there. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…………..Nancy

  3. […] and rolling pin. You could also roll out between layers of parchment or wax paper, or even use the Pie Crust Maker (which I wish I had done, a lot less […]

  4. […] about 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch thick. They will rise a bit in the oven. I rolled out my dough using the Pie Crust Maker. This is seriously the best gadget for working with gluten-free […]

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