I found this recipe in my Living Without Magazine, in the October/November 2008 issue. I was skeptical when i first made it because gluten-free wasn’t what it is today, even a year ago! I made the bread for a dinner party and let everyone else try it while I hid in the kitchen…wasn’t in the mood for another disappointment! Imagine my surprise when the gluten-ators started saying how good the bread was…I didn’t believe them! My mom even liked it, which says a lot to me!

Here is the recipe:

Here is the High-Protein Flour Blend:

This is how I make my high-protein flour blend: I triple the quantities and store in an airtight container in my freezer so I can just grab it when I need it. The flours I use are as follows:

1¼ cups (3 3/4 cups if you triple it) Garfava Flour
1 cup  (3 cups) Cornstarch
1 cup (3 cups) Expandex Modified Tapioca Starch
1 cup (3 cups) Superfine White Rice Flour

I ONLY use the Superfine Rice Flours, it greatly improves the texture…zero grittiness. I have heard that you can buy the superfine rice flours at Asian markets too.

You will also need a baguette pan.


What is gread about this bread, there is only a 30 minute rise time and a 30 minute bake time.


The bread is not as "fluffy" and tearable as a gluten containing french bread but it is really good!

I just read a tip for rising bread: put the bread in a cold oven with a 9 x 13 pan of boiling water and shut the door. It worked great!

Another tip for getting a nice crunchy crust: place a small ovenproof bowl with approximately 1/2 to 1 cup warm water on the lowest rack in preheated oven. Bake bread in lower third of the oven. After bread has baked for 15 minutes, carefully remove the bowl.

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