Turkey Gravy

I have had several people ask me about the gravy that was on the Sage Dressing recipe I posted a few weeks ago. This is the gravy I grew up on, only converted to be gluten free. My dad would remove the turkey from the roasting pan once it was done cooking to allow it to rest then he would put the pan on the stove top across 2 burners and bring to a boil, add flour to make a roux then add water to thin it out. Very easy.

This is not a “healthy” gravy for sure, well, not that any gravy is actually healthy but this one takes the cake in the unhealthier category! My attitude though is that everything in moderation is okay. During the year, I try to implement a nutritious menu plan so we can splurge a bit (okay, A LOT!) during the holidays. Besides, we do not eat at McDonald’s and the like so this is my justification for what my family likes to call this gravy, “Liquid Gold.” 🙂

What is different about this gravy is that I do not use a starch to thicken it. I use a gluten free all-purpose flour (Tom Sawyer’s) that I put directly into the turkey drippings to make a roux. I do not make a slurry with water like you would if you used cornstarch, tapioca starch or arrowroot. It actually works, you do not get the “booger balls” that would appear if you tried to add a starch directly to a hot liquid!  I also do not skim off the fat…it all goes in!

Another thing I do, to increase the volume of gravy, is add chicken drippings that I have collected and froze. Beginning in August, when I roast a chicken to use in a soup or casserole, I reserve all of the drippings and store in a container in the freezer. When Thanksgiving rolls around, I thaw it and baste my turkey with the chicken drippings instead of chicken broth. I can easily double the amount of gravy this way.


Told ya, NOT healthy but oh so yummy...It's kind of like Emeril and his pork fat 🙂


Tom Sawyer's GF Flour goes right in the drippings! I do not have exact measurements, it is an "eyeball it" recipe. Since the amount of drippings will vary by turkey size, etc., you will need enough flour to soak up the fat.


The flour and drippings will ball up like this. Cook for just a minute to cook out the flour taste.


Add water until you get to the taste and consistency that you like. I also add salt to taste.



Turkey gravy over sage dressing

There was ALWAYS a fight at our house growing up over the gravy. My dad was stingy and dished it out 1 teaspoon at a time!

Instead of having a soup nazi, we had the gravy nazi!!

All kidding aside, it is great stuff but a little bit on your turkey and sides is better for your heart and arteries than a bowlful of gravy that you dip your turkey in….Dad!!

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  1. One of my all time fav episodes of Seinfeld!

  2. […] I remember the first time I made gravy with Tom Sawyer’s back in 2006. I cried like a baby because I reclaimed something from my past that I thought was […]

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