Gluten Free at Carl’s Junior

This is for all the guys out there: whether you have CD, DH or on the GF diet for some other reason, like my husband who is GF in support of Sam and I…

A big, fat, juicy burger at Carl’s Jr! Looks like the fries are GF too, or you can lighten it up with a coupon for a free side salad.

The website does mention to steer clear of the onion rings, so I am assuming they have dedicated fryers for the french fries but I would definitely ask a manager to make sure.

This is my guide when I am making a decision on whether or not to trust food that I did not prepare at home in my dedicated GF kitchen:

If the manager appears to know what they are talking about, then I will take a chance. Like when we went to Boston’s Gourmet Pizza and the manager said, “We treat it like a death allergy.” Then proceeded to tell me what they do to prevent cross-contamination, etc.

Oh yeah, I’m digging in and I will be tipping well to boot!

If the manager says something just plain wrong like, “don’t worry, it’s not much flour, the gluten will get cooked out.” This actually happened to me recently at a local New Mexican restaurant, El Pinto. Then I will politely turn around and walk out the door…and never go back. I will also tell other people about my experience, like I just did 🙂

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