Gluten Free Twix

So, I decided to try and make some Twix candy bars.  Twix were my husband’s favorite indulgence before he decided to jump on the GF bandwagon when our son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Mike’s support has meant the world to me so I thought I would try to bring back a little nostalgia for him!

Twix are essentially a shortbread type cookie covered with caramel and chocolate. I found some gluten free shortbread cookies by Schar (which are very good by the way), grabbed a bag of Kraft caramels that I had in the cupboard from the fall when I was in caramel apple making mode, and a bag of Wilton’s chocolate candy melts, which I bought at my local craft store.

I put the caramels in a hard anodized saucepan over low heat until melted.  I dipped the cookies into the melted caramel (find a good dipping tool specifically made for chocolate/candy dipping… fondue forks and chopsticks do not work so well!), then let the dipped cookie set on a cooling rack (note: do not do this…very messy, I threw the rack away after I couldn’t dislodge the hardened caramel from the little squares.  Remember, I am NOT a trained professional!!  Next time, I will use a silicone mat to let the dipped cookies set!).  After the caramel had hardened, I dipped the cookies into the chocolate, which I had melted in a double boiler.  I let set once again until hardened.  Very easy, albeit messy; but well worth it.  The entire batch was gone by the time I went to sample one for myself!  My husband said the taste was perfect, just a bit too much caramel for him.  I think using the proper dipping tool will allow the excess to run off better.  It is a good thing for me that he see didn’t all the caramel that didn’t make it to the candy bar… he views me as his comic relief!

In the above photo, The cookie in the top left is just dipped with caramel.  The cookies in the bottom right are the finished product with both the caramel and chocolate.

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