Triumph Dining

If you do not have them already, you simply MUST get a copy of Triumph Dining’s Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide and Gluten-Free Dining Cards.  I have recently received my 3rd edition of the restaurant guide and bought a second set of the dining cards.  I could not live without them.  The restaurant guide is updated annually, offers restaurant options by state and cities, lists the contact information and even lists select menus at the back of the book.

The dining cards are of high quality.  There are 10 different cards for 10 different cuisines.  Each card is printed in English on one side and the corresponding language for each cuisine type on the back.  For example, there is a Mexican Cuisine card that is written in English on one side and Spanish on the back.  They come laminated and can easily be folded (they come with score marks) into the size of a business card.  I carry mine in a separate business card “wallet” in my purse.  My husband keeps his set in his car.  The restaurant guides are always in the car.

When we are on vacation, all I need is my guide, my cards and my GPS!

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