Rubber Eggs, A Science Experiment Gone So So Wrong

On a recent trip to a local teachers supply store, I picked up a book titled, “Kid Concoctions, Creations and Contraptions” by Robynne Eagan. The book appealed to me for a few reasons. As I was flipping through it to see if I would want to buy it, I eagle eyed a few naturally gluten-free recipes for finger paints and glue that sealed the deal on my purchase. I got a few messy bonuses along with it!

In the spirit of Easter I thought I would share this “fun” little science experiment that the boys and I tried over spring break. I wish I could say that I only tried it once, but I am a glutton for punishment and this has been too funny to not keep repeating it! You can also get the details for this experiment at numerous websites, including this one called Steve Spangler Science.

Rubber Eggs


Vinegar (I used Distilled White Vinegar, which is gluten-free)

Wide-Mouthed Jar

  • Place the egg(s) in the jar and fill it three-fourths full of vinegar
  • Leave it for 3 days
  • Take the egg out of the jar and discover a new sensation. The egg will have lost its hard shell and have only a membrane. It is quite durable in this form, but use it in a drop cloth or observe and feel it outdoors.

Yeah… wish Robynne had STRESSED the outdoors part a bit more!! 🙂

Day 1: it was fascinating to watch all the little bubbles form on the egg shell.

Day 2: the boys were so excited to check the progress of the eggs each day and were delightfully giddy over the “rubber egg potion.”


I could not get over the result of this experiment, they really do feel like a rubber ball! I wasn’t sure at this point if the inside of the egg was still a liquid (see below for the answer to that!).

The boys were a bit skeptical… in the beginning.

Developing good observation skills…

Oh yeah, these smell BAD! 😉

This was on St. Patrick’s Day, hence the green hair gel.

Here comes T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

This made me very nervous…

Can you see where this is going?

EWWWW! At least we now know the inside of the egg is still in liquid form.

Now this was a worthy purchase. I went on a little field trip a couple of weeks ago to the Restaurant Supply Store… alone (which is pretty much the equivalent of sending Sam and Luke to Toys R’ Us alone and with a debit card). I bought a 12 pack of food trays for about $23 and they are GREAT for messy projects like this. The lip of the tray keeps the mess contained (mostly) and they are a breeze to clean.