Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

A little while back I made a post on Udi’s Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread.  This bread single handedly changed the course of our gluten-free lives.  I feel like I’ve been a hermit for the past 5 years and have just emerged from a deep, dark cave and rejoined civilization again.  No kidding, it is that huge.  My boys have been enjoying simple PB&J sandwiches on untoasted (yep, you read that right, untoasted!) bread that is moist, and not gritty (unlike some of the other GF bread alternatives that fall apart like sand in your mouth unless you toast them).  Until Udi’s, I had been trying to figure out how I would fit a toaster in Sam’s lunchbox when he starts kindergarten later this month.  There has to be a “James Bond” micro-toaster out there somewhere! 😉

There is also a bonus, as if having “real” bread again wasn’t enough…  it has a much more normal shelf life than some of the other GF breads that are shelf stable for a year (HOW IS THAT??) and come complete with a little silicone packet inside just like you would find in a new box of shoes… See the correlation? 😀
Anyhoo, onto the real post of today… Udi’s GF Pizza Crust!!

If my kids thought I was a clown when I danced and cried after eating the bread, they have disowned me for the physical display of joy I had after I ate Udi’s GF pizza crust.  Sam actually got mad at me because it hurt to laugh after having his tonsils removed (he was already upset that I sampled the pizza and he couldn’t, but I am saving the other crust just for him!).

before cooking and after

I pulled a crust out of the freezer, topped it with Great Value pizza sauce, Great Value shredded mozzarella cheese and Hormel pepperoni. I then topped it with Kraft grated Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of Italian seasoning. Popped the pizza in the oven and 20 minutes later I was in pure pizza heaven.

I am trying to think of a national chain’s crust that I can compare it to.  It has been many years since I have had a gluten pizza delivered to my door, so forgive me if I am completely out of touch.  It reminds me somewhat of a Dominoes original pizza crust…only thinner and crispier (I cooked it a little longer than the directions called for because I prefer a crispy pizza crust over a chewier one), and MUCH better.  It is that type of style (versus a Pizza Hut pan pizza crust).  It is thin (which I prefer) with the perfect blend of crunchy and chewy.  I really cannot express this enough, you would not think this is a gluten free pizza crust.  I have had them all, Kinnikinnick, Ener-G, Whole Foods and the list goes on. Not to mention the pizza crust recipes I have tried.
The buck stops here, my quest is over.
Well, it will be over once I can find a place to buy it! 😉
I am trying to influence my new very best friends at Udi’s to offer direct online ordering of their products, or even sell them on Amazon.  Until then, Denver is only a few hours drive away!
**Sales thought…  I think Udi’s should think about selling the pre-made dough so larger pizzas can be made at home and I can roll real dough in my hands again…  pizza and bread “dough” just should not be a batter!!
GF Mom Idea…
Before going GF in December, 2008, Sam and daddy would occasionally order a pizza to be delivered for a football game or other special occasions.  Sam LOVED the pizza person and pizza in a box…  he liked to eat out of the box with daddy.  It was their special thing.  So, being the person that I am and refusing to give up life’s special moments for some “dietary restriction,”  (especially for my little guy),  I thought of the following (Please, go ahead an laugh… it’s funny! 🙂 ):
I got on Amazon and ordered my own plain white 10″ x 10″ pizza boxes…  but they needed some added “pizzaz.”  Sam’s own Pizzaria Label (Thank you Kristen!).  After lining the inside with Kabnet Wax Paper, all it needed was pizza!
This is actually quite useful, in addition to being a fun way to serve homemade pizza.  Not only is it a great way to transport pizza, but it is a built in “placemat” to help with cross-contamination from any gluten crumbs that might be lying around.  The personalized pizza label not only makes the kids think Sam is LUCKY to be gluten free, but it clearly separates his GF pizza from the other pizzas.
  • If there is a pizza party at school, I can bring him his own pizza; nice and hot, right out of the box at the appointed time.
  • A birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese?  No problem.  I have befriended the manager at our local Chuck E. Cheese and he allows us to bring in our own pizza, and we buy their drinks and tokens.