New Mainstream Gluten Free Bread

Does this look like an illusion?  I thought so when I first saw it, but apparently, it is not!

Want to know more?  Check out Tiffany Janes article over at!

Tiffany brought up some very good points in her article about how the bread *might* be displayed in grocery stores, especially the concern about potential cross-contamination if the Gluten-Free Nature’s Own bread is placed in the regular bread aisle (I usually try to avoid that aisle myself, it makes me itch just thinking about it! 😉 ).

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Canyon Bakehouse Review and Giveaway!

Recently, I was the lucky recipient of some complimentary gluten-free bread products from Canyon Bakehouse, a dedicated gluten-free facility in Loveland, Colorado. All I can say is… YUM!

Funny story; the day the Canyon Bakehouse products arrived, I placed them on the counter and waited patiently until Mike and the boys got home from work/school before I tore into them. The very second Sam saw the loaves of bread, he said, “MOM! Why is there “gluten” here?” Taken aback, I asked what he was talking about (because we have a dedicated GF house). He pointed to the Canyon Bakehouse packaging and I got it, they DO look like packages of “real wheat bread,” LOL!  If you have been reading my blog for long, then you know how packaging and appearance are a VERY BIG DEAL to Sam right now, so score 1 for Canyon Bakehouse!

A little information on Canyon Bakehouse:

At Canyon Bakehouse, we believe making healthy choices shouldn’t mean compromising on the quality of the foods we love. More and more people are deciding to go “gluten free.” For people with celiac disease, avoiding gluten is a medical necessity. For others, it is simply a choice for their health and well-being. Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free breads have been specifically created to bring back the joy of real bread to those following a gluten-free diet. We think you’ll find Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread has all the texture and taste of normal bread!

I received a letter with my package of samples that goes into further detail about how Canyon Bakehouse came to be, and here are a few highlights:

Canyon Bakehouse is owned by husband and wife, Josh and Christi Skow and Master Baker, Ed Miknevicius.

Christi was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago through a routine physical. She had been anemic, tired and had skin issues for years for unknown reasons. After being diagnosed, she had a difficult time transitioning to a 100% gluten-free diet. There were few choices for gluten-free bread on the market and what was available was very expensive and did not taste good.

Christi’s husband, Josh and Master Baker, Ed came up with the idea for their products in 2009 as they were sitting in a small Colorado Cafe near the Flat Top Wilderness area discussing the lack of good tasting and healthy gluten-free breads. At that point, Ed set out to create gluten-free bakery products that tasted good, were healthy and had the same texture as regular bread. The mission of Canyon Bakehouse was born, to “create delicious and nutritious gluten-free products the whole family can enjoy.”

All three of the sliced breads are great, but there was something in particular about the San Juan 7-Grain bread that really stood out to me… it looks and smells like whole wheat bread! I couldn’t help but just sit there with my nose in the bag, taking in an aroma that I had long forgot. It was a beautiful moment indeed. The bread also has that deep caramel color reminiscent of wheat bread and I was excited to try something that I had been wanting to try but never had a dark enough GF bread to do it with… Sandwich Puzzles!

Sam has really enjoyed these, just use a cookie cutter (that is supposed to be a baseball and bat in the above photo), to cut the same shape out of contrasting colored bread and switch! I made up a bunch one afternoon and filled with PB & J, bagged them up in a freezer bag and packing Sam's lunchbox was easy peasy! Score 2 for Canyon Bakehouse!

Can't you just smell it?? 😉

1 slice of the San Juan 7-Grain bread has only 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, 2 grams of Fiber and just 2 grams of Sugar!! So a sandwich with 2 slices of bread has 4 grams of fiber... score 3!

Click here for more detailed information on the San Juan 7-Grain bread.

Mountain White Bread

Click here for more detailed info on the Mountain White bread.

I recently cracked on my store-bought tomato boycott.... the good thing though, they are really not all that great, so I can definitely wait until the local tomatoes are in season! 🙂

Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

Click here for more detailed info on the Cinnamon Raisin bread.

The Cinnamon Raisin Bread was another favorite around here. You do not need to toast any of the Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free breads but I like Cinnamon Raisin Toast for breakfast on occasion. I did notice that the Canyon Bakehouse breads toast up differently from the crispy toast I am accustomed to, it toasts up well on the outside, but stays soft on the inside. An interesting contrast of textures, but yummy nonetheless!

Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia

The Focaccia was incredibly moist with a pronounced Rosemary flavor and I absolutely love Rosemary! The Focaccia bread is thicker than what I am used to, so a little goes a long way! I do wish I had put mine in the freezer right away though (it’s a lot of bread for 2.5 people), because the moist Focaccia did succumb to decay rather quickly (which technically speaking is a GOOD thing, because it means NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES!), just keep that in mind and learn from my mistake. 😉

Click here for more detailed info on the Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia bread.

Now for my personal favorite of all the products we sampled (and this was surprising to me), the Cranberry Crunch Muffins!

I cannot recall having ever seen a more beautiful muffin in my life! It was almost too pretty to eat (but boy did I eat them)! The Cranberry Crunch Muffins were honestly the product I was least excited to try because I do not like baked goods with nuts, seeds, etc., it’s a texture thing carried over from childhood.

The Cranberry Crunch Muffins have Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Whole Grain Millet and Poppy Seeds in them, see why I was worried? Well, those worries were completely unfounded because I loved, loved, LOVED the muffins!! The crunch was a delightful surprise and not “too much,” if you know what I mean. Either my taste buds are really evolving as I have been trying new foods or the folks at Canyon Bakehouse have found the perfect ratio of crunch to fluffy muffin… not too much, not too little! Another score for Canyon Bakehouse!

Click here for more detailed info on the Cranberry Crunch Muffins.

Sigh… I miss these.

Would you like to try a sampling of the Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free baked goods?? Well, here is your chance to do so for free! The kind folks at Canyon Bakehouse have offered up the exact same package that they sent to me; to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!

The winner will receive one of each: Mountain White, San Juan 7-Grain, and Cinnamon Raisin sliced bread, a package of the Focaccia and a package of the Cranberry Crunch Muffins!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment in the reply box about:

“In which stores do you prefer to buy your gluten-free products?”

I personally shop all over the place, Online, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sunflower Market, R. Down Nutrition Center, my local Co-Op and Smith’s. Wow… that is a lot of driving! 🙂 I dream of a day when there is a Healthy Gluten-Free Super Center! 😉

How about you? Do you stick with one place or shop at several stores?

For Bonus entries:

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I will use a Random Number Generator to pick the winner on Friday, April 23, 2010.

Good Luck! 😀

Order Udi’s Products Online!!

I think for celiacs this is as huge as the parting of the Red Sea!

I have been blogging about Udi’s for a few months now…I think I called their gluten-free bread something like… oh yeah, the “Holy Grail” of the gluten free world. I’m not joking either.

The sandwich bread is moist and tender just like the Wonder Bread days of my youth. Right out of the bag!! No toasting required! The whole grain bread (my personal favorite) is equally as tender and moist but with a more whole (shhh…”wheat flavor”), minus the gluten of course.

You can even leave an opened bag of Udi’s GF bread on your countertop for a few days (just like gluten bread)…before you need to freeze it.

For me, the very best thing about Udi’s GF bread…being a mom to a celiac child, school lunches can be challenging. Not anymore. Sam proudly takes his very own PB&J to school everyday to eat alongside his buddies.

PB and J

While I am slowly coming out of my bag lady phase (bread bag that is…yes, I carried a loaf of Udi’s GF bread with me everywhere just to have random folks try it)…the best replies were always, a blank stare and the reply, “what’s the big deal? It’s just bread.” Bingo! But because I hated to tease people who couldn’t get it either because it was ALWAYS out of stock (probably because I was buying up the entire ABQ. supply to horde in my freezer) or it just wasn’t sold in a lot of areas, like Ohio for instance. When my friend Mary came out for a visit, she loved the bread but when she got home, it was no where to be found.

That is now a thing of the past! You can now Udi’s gluten free products online. Breads, pizza crusts, lemon streusel muffins, blueberry muffins and something new for me to try…gluten free granola…REAL granola, with Oats!!!! Yipee!

There is one very disappointing thing about Udi’s gluten free online store… WHERE ARE THE CINNAMON ROLLS??????? What happened to them? I loved them and I only have one left. I have been rationing my supply since July. I have been reduced to licking it on occasion, just for a taste, since they seemed to have disappeared and I cannot get anymore…sniff.

Anyhoo, if you have not tried Udi’s gluten free products yet, go online and order some today!! By the way, I was kidding about licking the cinnamon roll, but now that it is in my head, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.  🙂 LOL!

Udi’s son, Etai tweeted about this funny Udi’s review on You Tube a while back and it is great.

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Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

Okay…I was going to post on my Betty Crocker Boxed Chocolate Chip Cookie experiment, but I must postpone (I’m still wondering if I should actually do this before I am able to stock my own freezer…but I cannot stop myself. I must share this with all of my fellow gluten-free friends).
Read this post, and then drop whatever else you are doing and call your local Whole Foods or other neighborhood grocer that will special order, to see if they carry Udi’s Gluten-Free Breads or can order some).

Anyhoo…I will just send you the link to my comment post at Udi’s Handcrafted Foods in Denver, Colorado.

Then, if that weren’t enough; I got an unexpected email today from Whole Foods…I didn’t even email Whole Foods! Check out this for customer service…
Hello Heidi,
I received your message about the Udi’s Gluten Free Products. I am so pleased that you enjoy the quality and taste of these items. I just wanted to also let you know that beginning on Monday, June 22nd, we will have the Udi’s products as well as some other new gluten free items to our store on a special rack at the end of the baking isle, next to all of the gluten free baking mixes. Please look for the products there on a regular basis!
Thanks Again,
Andrea Schulte
Whole Foods Market
ISP Bakery Team Leader
(505) 260-1366

Thank You Whole Foods!!