Glutino Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Yesterday, my shipment of Glutino Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Pretzels arrived!  There has been quite a bit of buzz around this new product since the announcement was made in March on Food Biz Daily, so the second I heard they were available for sale on, I had to order some.  Sam used to love the Pretzel Flipz back in his gluten days so I decided to wait and let him be the one to open the package and be the first sampler.

Now, Sam is only 6 so his taste-testing and critiquing skills are still rather limited, as is his database of descriptive words, so keep that in mind with his review (it’s a short one, LOL!).

Sam: GLUUUU-TEN, yeah, yeah, gluten!

Translation: The Glutino Chocolate and Yogurt covered pretzels taste just as good as the Pretzel Flipz in Sam’s memory!

Click the following links for ingredient and nutritional information: Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels.

My review: the Glutino Chocolate and Yogurt covered pretzels ARE good, however, they are kind of pricey after you add in the shipping costs.  I ordered one 5.5-ounce package of each flavor from, each retailing for $5.99.  After adding in the $12.00 shipping cost, each package essentially cost $12.00.  I cannot wrap my brain around that, no matter how good they are.  I would definitely buy these again, but I will wait until they are available in local stores.  Until then, I will just keep making my own (with Glutino’s GF pretzels of course!).  There is an added benefit to making my own too…  I have to make them in order to eat them, so there is a built in “self-control” mechanism going on.  When the Glutino Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Pretzels hit my local store shelves, I might be in trouble in the waistline department! 🙂

These are my homemade version of Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels... they are certainly not as pretty and I do not have a Yogurt version! I do have white chocolate though, hmm... 😉

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  1. Yeah, I had them in my cart on that site, but couldn’t justify the shipping cost. I have my feelers out, though. I hope to find them here soon!!

  2. I almost ordered them yesterday when I was considering a order with the 20% discount. However, I didn’t place my order after I realized the shipping was $11, which is a lot considering I am in MD and they ship from nearby in VA.

  3. These look evil! I do like Glutino’s pretzels…and I bet these are great!

  4. As you know I don’t eat many gf specialty products, but I would like to try these. I like your son’s review and your translation. 😉 I won’t order them though and because I’m eating gf, df, sf at the moment, I won’t be trying them for a good while. So plenty of time for them to arrive in stores with no shipping costs to consider. Thanks for the review and all the info!


  5. Kim and Sandra,

    Wow, shipping didn’t cost me much more and I live all the way out in the Southwest! Must be built in “handling” charges because I can tell you, the bags are not big, so the high shipping cost can’t be “weight” related, LOL! 🙂

  6. Shirley,

    Since the regular Glutino pretzels are GF and DF, I wonder if it would work out to melt some unsweetened chocolate, add a drop or two (or three) of liquid stevia then dip the pretzels?? Might need to add some shortening to the melted chocolate… I see another experiment in my near future! 🙂 I wonder if Amy from SS&GF has done something like this?

  7. I can’t eat these either but my favorite thing to do is melt Tropical Source gf/df chocolate chips in the microwave, and dip glutino pretzels in it and then put them in the fridge to cool. SOOOO Yummy!!!!

  8. Oh my, you do find the yummiest gf foods ever! =0) I’ll be looking for these in the store…someday.

    By the way, tell me that you saw there is a new Vitamin Cottage on the NW side of town!!!? It is literally 5 minutes from my house. We have been gf for one year now and FINALLY a decent store close by. =0)

    • Jen: thanks for the tip on the Tropical Traditions, I need to order some of that stuff!

      Kelly: I saw it! In the old “Hometown Buffet” building right? I haven’t been in yet but hopefully this week! I didn’t know you lived on the west side!

  9. I met a lady today that has a young daughter that is going gf and I gave her your website. I hope she checks it out!!

  10. Yup, that is it (hometown buffet). Yeah, we have always lived on the nw side of town. (I live off of paradise and golf course). That is why I kept thinking “small world” with you and why I still think we need to get a cup of coffee together. =0)

  11. I haven’t seen these around me either and I’m sure I would have a really hard time putting them down, so maybe its a good thing. But man o man $12.00 for a bag (including the shipping!) that is just crazy. Why does our food have to be so much more money??

  12. Haha…wow! Glad they were tasty! Like everyone else, I had them in my cart too, but after seeing $12 for shipping I forgot about it. If only they’d be on Amazon with the free shipping deals! (or in local stores!)

  13. I’m sure hoping these little treats get to a store near me soon — they sound wonderful!

    About taking over the world…we definitely need to do that! Why should everyone know about Atkins and South Beach, but think celiac or GF means “organic” or “vegan”? Not that I have anything against organic or vegan, but it sure isn’t the same thing!

  14. Wowweeee! I had NO idea about these. Waistline probs, mos def! Gotta love that salty sweet action. Also gotta love what you said about making the pretzels on your own. I never thought of that as a self-control mechanism before. It’s so true! I will definitely be repeating that little mantra to myself when I’m in the store! 🙂

    Btw. thanks for the tweet. you are so sweet. 🙂

  15. Fartygirl!!! You are welcome for the tweet… thank you for making me laugh so hard. Sparkling water actually came out my nose (not fun… the bubble action is not pleasant. 😀 ) so I will not consume beverages anymore whilst reading your blog!

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