Copco Reusable “To-Go” Cups Product Review

I have been very pleased with these to-go cups that I bought a couple of months ago at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I thought I would share!

I am on a never-ending quest to “do better.” Last year, I successfully weaned myself off of $6.00 cups of coffee at the local drive-thru coffee joint, and bought come travel mugs to carry my own home-brewed coffee in. The money I saved from “said coffee place” has gone to a very nice coffee pot with money to spare to put in the bank! Well, that was my hope anyway. I cannot tell you how many travel mugs I bought because the seal would inevitably stop working and I would end up wearing more coffee than I drank (ever notice how that ALWAYS seems to happen when you are wearing white?). I then started buying disposable coffee cups with lids from Coscto, which worked great but I have since been trying to reduce waste in our family and do our part to help the environment.

So, I was without a travel mug for awhile until I happened to come across a very cool looking cup one day when I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

These travel cups are by Copco and are called Eco-First Acadia Mugs. I like how they look a lot like the coffee shop cups, even with the built-in coffee cup sleeve!

These cups feature:

  • Double-wall plastic construction for enhanced insulation
  • Quarter-turn lid sealing mechanism
  • BPA free
  • 16 oz. capacity
  • Retail for $7.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond and at Amazon (with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime).

We have a 2 brown cups and I got a pink one for me. They also have blue, purple, tan and green on the Bed, Bath and Beyond website. We have really liked these cups, and I am thinking of buying a couple more because my husband has a bad habit of leaving them at work! The lid screws on and there is no rubber seal to mess with, I can even use them when I am wearing white! $7.99 for a cup I can reuse, vs. $6.00 for a one time use coffee cup from a drive-thru!

I also splurged on another type of to-go cup that Copco has, called the Sierra. I found them at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $7.99 too, but not on Amazon.

See the little stopper at the bottom of the straw? Brilliant! My 2 year old LOVES to pull the straws out of cups and now he can’t!! 😀

This cup features:

  • Durable BPA free construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quarter-turn lid sealing mechanism
  • Exclusive straw keeps drinks perfectly mixed
  • Textured, non-slip grip
  • 24 oz. capacity
  • Retail for $7.99

Sam and Luke really like these, makes them feel like they are drinking out of a fast-food cup! What I like about them, is the screw-on lid! The seal has been really good so far which has helped to reduce spills (although liquid can still come through the straw). I like to give the boys “mom’s version” of soda pop in them: half juice and half sparkling water! So far, so good… they really only care about the cup anyway!

You can check out Campbell’s Gluten-Free product list here.

I am off for my “date” with Sam, we are going to P.F. Chang’s to sample their new gluten-free menu and to see Alice in Wonderland. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the Sports-Tastic Birthday Party with the No Biggie Bunch! I will pick the winner later today!

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  1. I have wanted to buy one of these for so long! Thx for the review!

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