Portable Gluten-Free Soy Sauce Containers

While there are several gluten-free soy sauces on the market, the biggest frustration (at least for me) is portability! The last time I carried a bottle of my favorite gluten-free soy sauce (San-J Organic Wheat-Free Reduced-Sodium Tamari) in my purse, I was the lucky sucker who had the bottle leak everywhere! Besides, it isn’t exactly convenient to carry an entire bottle of soy sauce in your purse.

San-J does make packets of the Wheat Free Tamari that you can order online here, but I prefer the low-sodium version and I have yet to find packets of those. The day I found the corn dog maker on Amazon, I also came across these. Little soy sauce bottles! I thought they were so cute, especially the little piggies! They are small, convenient and reusable but I can also put my preferred gluten-free soy sauce in them, which makes them even better!

You get 8 bottles for $6.99 with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

The bottle opening is pretty small, too small to use a funnel to fill them.

The bottle opening to the Tamari is too big to “neatly” pour the Tamari into the little bottles without losing a lot of soy sauce in the process.

A while back I found this soy sauce dispenser at Kohl’s of all places. It had never occurred to me to look for a soy-sauce dispenser but when I saw it, I thought it would be great for the boys. They are very big into “doing things themselves” these days but the original Tamari bottle’s opening is just asking for trouble!

The opening of this bottle is perfect for filling the portable soy sauce containers!

Easy peasy, I even filled this bottle with one hand, while I took the picture with the other hand!

I also found a few other options and thought I would share those as well.

One of my favorite gluten-free blogs to read is Celiac Bites, it is funny and uplifting at the same time. Tom did a “Truth or Consequences” post on La Choy Sauce, click here to read it (but be sure to read the comments too). Here is another post of Tom’s, that is “off-topic” for soy-sauce, but it is too funny! “The case of walking glutonia.” Great job Tom, thanks for making me laugh! 😀 You can follow Tom on Twitter: @celiacbites.

A Gluten-Free Guide posted an article titled “Eating Sushi is a Gluten-Free Dream.” In the post, Catherine has a link for another brand of gluten-free (and low-sodium) soy sauce packets. A Gluten-Free Guide is a great website, and Catherine has great gluten-free travel tips! You can also follow Catherine on Twitter: @yumcat

7 Responses

  1. that is an EXCELLENT idea! i tend to eat sushi out pretty often too!

    • Hi Allie!

      I ran into one small problem though. I made lettuce wraps last night and gave Sam one of the little pig bottles to use for his soy sauce. I was mortified as I looked up and saw him squirt the entire bottle directly into his mouth! So parents, you might want to fill the bottle only half-way, LOL!

  2. This is so awesome!!! I have been really craving sushi lately and was debating how I’d get my Tamari in lol. I was just thinking one of those little salad dressing sized tupperware containers.

  3. Jen:

    They are so convenient, perfect for taking into a restaurant and not drawing attention!

  4. What a great find. Those little piggies are so cute. But I think I’d still want to put it in a zip-style bag before putting into my purse.

  5. Heather:

    Yeah, better safe than sorry. At least you could use a snack size bag instead of a gallon size bag, LOL!

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