Gluten-Free “Dude Food” (a.k.a. Concession Stand Nachos)

I realize that the Super Bowl is long gone by now, but gluten-free “dude food” is always in demand since apparently there is a game of “something” on every single day of the year (I actually caught my husband watching Ping Pong the other day).  Sports are a way of life around here… so much for my dramas (did they ever get off the island?).

Anyway, Mike has been asking me to post more gluten-free “dude food” recipes so here I go… it’s not really a recipe though, merely a few steps: you open a can, a jar and a bag!

Nachos, Concession Stand Syle

Step One (I will make this a picture recipe, since this is how Mike reads a recipe and a grocery list!):

Go to Sam’s Club and buy a can of Bakers and Chefs Nacho Cheese Sauce

Mike REALLY begged me not to put the nutrition label on here, but I did anyway so he will be forced to walk the aisle of nutrition shame! 😉

Step 2:

Pour some of the cheese sauce into a sauce pan (or Crock-Pot) and set heat to medium-low (or low on Crock-Pot).

Step 3:

This is optional but this is how I made Nacho Cheese Sauce back in the day when I worked at the movie theater concession stand (early 90’s before the pre-made Nacho trays became standard).

Pour some Jalapeno Juice from the jar of pickled jalapenos into the cheese sauce to thin it out and add some heat (or just use water).

Stir to incorporate the cheese sauce and the jalapeno juice (or water); heat through (but watch closely or the cheese sauce will scorch).

Step 4:

Open bag of your favorite GF Tortilla Chips, we like Santitas:

I kick it up a notch buy purchasing Nacho Trays at Sam’s Club, you get 125 of them for just under $5.00!  I would really like for someone to make a nacho shaped tray that is reusable!

Step 5:


Step 6:

Enjoy! My “dudes” love to have these during special sporting events and we also whip out a few batches of these when we have friends and family over for BBQ’s and such during the summer. For Luke’s first birthday, we made a Nacho Bar, it was a lot of fun! It’s all about the trays, I’m telling you! 😀

They begin very young… 😉

3 Responses

  1. I love nachos of any kind really. I know my sister (also gf) would love to hear about this cheese sauce, thanks!!

  2. Got a big kick out of this post and the photos!

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