Mixes from the Heartland Product Review and Giveaway!!

This is rather exciting for me, because even I, as much as I love to cook, NEED a break every now and again! 🙂

First, a little info on Mixes from the Heartland:

Allergen Facts

  • No eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, oats, barley, rye, or wheat in the factory.
  • No bean flours are used in any products.
  • Factory is allergen controlled.

Eliza Testing

  • Every raw product that enters the factory must be certified by the producer that it can pass an Eliza Test.
  • This means products in our plant test 5 parts per million or less for wheat.
  • The University of Nebraska does our Eliza Testing.  All reports are sent to the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA)
  • Mixes From The Heartland Inc. is CSA certified and we are very proud to say that all our products carry the CSA seal.

Product Summary

  • All natural, no preservatives, most products are low sodium, cholesterol-free, and low calorie.
  • Beans and fruit are all freeze dried and contain no preservatives. Makes cooking soups and meals easier.

What makes Mixes From The Heartland, Inc. different?

  • MFTH Inc. has many products not currently in institutional and bulk sizing.
  • MFTH Inc. offers the largest amount of bulk mixes available in ten pound bags with zip seal.
  • MFTH Inc. has announced the new Sugar Free/Gluten Free mixes is the leader in the area.
  • MFTH Inc. produces over 45 soup mixes and 25 meals.  Our competitor only has four instant soups.
  • MFTH Inc. is the one stop shop for retailers across the USA.
  • MFTH Inc. will dominate the market because we test less than 5 parts per million.
  • MFTH Inc. testing makes the consumer’s life easier with great taste as well.
  • MFTH Inc. has the ability to private label both in bulk and consumer lines.

A while back I received come complimentary gluten-free mixes from “Mixes from the Heartland,” to review on my blog. We tried the Southwest Chicken Stew, the Mexican Chicken and Rice Meal, the Apple Cinnamon Rice Pudding Mix and the Chocolate Delight Pudding Mix.

I actually only managed to photograph one meal, because I made them on the days I needed them most… when I was in a scramble to get dinner on the table!

Southwest Chicken Stew topped with shredded Cheddar Cheese, yummy!

They are all pretty straight forward; open the mix, add the ingredients called for on the package, cook and eat! We liked them all even though the chocolate pudding never set-up, but I used rice milk instead of cow’s milk so that was probably the culprit (that has happened with other brands of pudding mixes too). The taste was great though! 😀 The other thing I REALLY like about the mixes, is that they are all CSA Certified, click this link to read more about the: CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) Recognition Seal Program.

Would you like to try a sampling of Mixes from the Heartland gluten-free mixes?

For the chance to win a free 6-pack of gluten-free mixes from Mixes from the Heartland:

Leave a comment to this post about which one mix you would MOST like to receive from Mixes from the Heartland (the winner will receive the one mix of their choice PLUS 5 additional mixes).

You will also need to do one of the following:


Using a Random Number Generator, I will pick the winner on Friday, March, 5, 2010.

Good Luck! 🙂

20 Responses

  1. Wow! these sound yummy and fast is always a good thing. Thanks for the chance to win. Off to register for their newsletter.

  2. Wow! How can you choose? It would be nice to have something quick to fix once in a while. The Cheeseburger Chowder sounds interesting or Green Chili Stew …something my husband might like too! Saves on making two meals.

  3. I’m always looking for faster and easier meals that my son can actually eat (no gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, legumes) so this is nice to find out about! I’m going to register for the newsletter too.

  4. That really says it all that you didn’t get photos taken because you used the mixes when you were really busy…more than once — so the first mix was good enough to try more. That’s what mixes are best for, isn’t it? Good, and fast.

    I’d really love to try that Southwest Chicken Stew. Makes me hungry just to look at it!

  5. There are so many delicious sounding mixes that it would almost be hard to pick a favorite. I am always amazed when I find new and delicious products. Definately want to try to get their mixes into the Kanas City area.

    If I had to pick just one mix it would be the Impossible Coconut pie mix since this was a pie that my grandmother used to make that I miss so much.

  6. I signed up for the newsletter and I think the country dumpling sounds good. I haven’t had dumplings in a long time and they were always my favorite things.

  7. These sound great! I think the quick breads (espicially the blueberry) and the pudding mix sound great for the kids! I signed up for the newsletter as well.

  8. I would love to try the SW Chicken Stew! It looks so yummy!
    Shannon Baker

  9. I would love to try the quick breads. I miss them so much.

    Thank you.

  10. The Chicken Stew looks really good, so that would be my pick. I just signed up for their newsletter before seeing this.

  11. Cream of Mushroom Soup- yummy!

  12. Wow! I just signed up for the newsletter. I love the ease and convenience of all the soups and stews. If I had to pick one I would pick the chicken veggie soup.

  13. Whoops! I was re-reading this post and realized I didn’t read the instructions for entering the contest very well my first time around. So as for a mix I’d most like to try, any biscuit mix would do (since I’ve never been able to make very good GF biscuits from scratch)!

  14. AWESOME!!! I’d love to win the chocolate delight pudding mix~~

  15. They all sound great. I signed up for the newsletter. Can’t decide what to try first but the biscuits sound great or the cornbread. Thanks for the info.

  16. I’m a sucker for dessert! Even when I’m supposed to be finding a recipe for dinner, two or three good looking dessert recipes can completely render me useless! So, I guess I’d really like to try the Impossible Coconut Pie mix…oops…slipping away again!

  17. Sounds wonderful!

  18. Hi Dee
    I have looked at there site and watched a review done by Tina Turbin and the mixes sound wonderful. I do follow them on both my twitter sites. The Southwest Chicken Stew looks very yummy

  19. […] Time to announce the winner for another great giveaway, a 6-pack of mixes from Mixes from the Heartland! […]

  20. I visited the, mixes from the heartland website, and the pasta veggie soup mix, looked like something I would like to try.

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