Cerealvit Giveaway Winners…

Thanks everyone for entering this terrific giveaway!

I used a random number generator to pick the winners and they are…




Congratulations!! I will contact you to get your shipping information. Each winner will receive a 4 pack of Cerealvit gluten-free cereal courtesy of Riega Foods. The 4-pack includes one of each cereal: Benevit, Coffee Flakes, Corn Flakes and Choco Stars!

If you are interested in asking one of your local stores to start carrying Cerealvit cereals, click here for a Store Request Card that you can fill out and take to a store manager/buyer, I have already filled out 4! 😀

One Response

  1. I wanted to give a big thank you for the free cereal. I know you used a random number generator, but I am still equally as grateful. I am a college student and its hard to afford special gluten free foods. Thank you for making my meals a tastier place 🙂

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