Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s funny how things have a way of coming full circle. As a small kid, Valentine’s Day is all about the candy attached to cute little “notes” and stuffed into a decorated box at school. As you grow older, Valentine’s Day becomes this “high pressure” day to express your feelings to the one you love… roses, candy, jewelery, fine dining, etc., etc.

Then you get married, start working on your 2.1 children after having purchased your 3 bedroom 2 bath mortgage, and you tell your husband to trade out the “obligatory” roses for a new vacuum instead. Yes, I did that once, LOL! I was 7 months pregnant and VERY hormonal! 😉

Now here I am with young children of my own and Valentine’s Day has come back around to candy attached to those cute little notes and decorating Valentine’s boxes for the school Valentine’s Day party. It is pretty much the same as it was when I was growing up, only with a gluten-free twist. Compiling a list of “safe” candy and making gluten-free heart shaped sugar cookies for Sam and Luke to take to school and decorate along side their friends. For the recipe I use to make gluten-free cut-out sugar cookies, click here.

I can't get over seeing Sam with his first missing tooth!

I was really moved by something Sam did while decorating his cookie. One of the candies that the other kiddos were using to decorate their cookies was red licorice. I keep some gluten-free licorice on hand for occasions such as this, but it is not as bright a red as Twizzlers. It isn’t very obvious in the above picture but Sam took some of the red icing I had made for him and spread it on his gluten-free licorice so it would look the same as everyone else’s.

One of the things I do to counter food related disappointments that Sam may experience, is to bump up the “Wow Factor” on other things to make Sam feel “cool” with his friends.

So, we went all out on his Valentine box!

Sam is currently OBSESSED with football, so that is the theme we went with:

I got the inspiration for this project when I was at Michael’s Craft Store gathering supplies so I bought a white photo box, green Duck tape and some football stickers. The football guys and goal posts are actually cake toppers that I bought at the cake supply store where I am taking my cake decorating class. Mike cut strips of the green Duck tape and lined them up to make the football field. I used a hot glue gun to affix the figurines and Sam had fun putting the stickers on the box for the finishing touch.

After Mike had dropped Sam off at school, he called to say that all the boys in his class were super impressed with his Valentine box! 😉

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