Gluten Free at Burger King!

Another fast food restaurant has been bit the gluten-free bug!

Click here for a downloadable list of menu items from Burger King that are gluten-free.

While it is certainly exciting to know we have yet another option available to us, please consider a few tips to keep you as “safe” as possible, before going to Burger King (or any restaurant for that matter) because cross-contamination is always a possibility.

  1. Never go through the drive thru. Take the time to go inside the restaurant and ask to speak with a manager first.
  2. If possible, go at a time that is not during a meal time “rush.” If it is not busy, the better your chances of reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Kindly ask the manager to oversee your order, I have learned the hard way to never trust my health and welfare to a teenager (not that they do not care, it is just part of the nature of adolescence).
  4. Limit how often you go. The more you go, the higher the risk of getting “glutened.” The more frequently you get “glutened”, the more more harm you do to yourself in the long run. Make it a treat, it is healthier all around! Gluten-Free does not equal fat-free. This is a perfect example of how the gluten-free “diet” is not a weight loss plan!

Managing celiac disease is a matter of personal responsibility, so always remember to ask the next question… 🙂

One Response

  1. I wouldn’t eat there if you paid me. The fry bin is right next to the onion ring bin and they aren’t that concerned if an onion ring falls into the fry bin. My husband (non-gf though he needs to be) got french fries that had an onion ring in them the other day – after they released this new menu.

    My sister went into one, talked to the manager about cross contamination, he assured her that they were completely separate, blah, blah blah. She got the fries for her son and halfway into them found an onion ring. So she went back to speak to the manager, he got belligerent and told her that she shouldn’t be feeding her son unhealthy food anyway.

    If they were actually educating the managers about gluten I *might* consider it but it is going to be too expensive. They are just wanting to pick up the extra sales and think people won’t notice cross contamination.

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