Glee Gum Product Review

I love Trader Joe’s. Every time I go, I grab a pack of Peppermint Glee Gum in the checkout lane. There is something so simple and “clean” about the packaging that you would think Marty McFly had just brought it “Back to the Future.”  Glee reminds me of Chiclets, but without all of the bad stuff. I love the little bite size pieces of gum with the crunchy coating and soft chewy centers.

Verve, inc., the makers of Glee Gum sent me a complimentary variety package of their different flavors and sizes of gum along with some background information on their gum. What an amazing company!

Verve’s commitment to environmental and social justice is twofold; first, we closely monitor the environmental and social impact of our own business practices, and second, we create products and curriculum that help children think about environmental and social issues in innovative, interesting, and developmentally appropriate ways.

Our finished products are designed to help people think about where products come from, how raw materials and natural resources can be used responsibly, and how communities around the world depend upon one another to help build a healthier future.

Wow, and I was initially impressed by the fact that Peppermint was not their only flavor!

They also have a gum called “Wee Glee.” Itty Bitty Baby Glees, they are so cute!

Wee Glee Gum: the colorings come from Black Carrot Juice, Black Currant Juice and Red Beets.

A little history on Verve, inc. (from their website):

In 1992, the concept for Verve was born when we visited an economically depressed chicle-producing community in Northern Guatemala. Up until then, we had never really thought about how chewing gum was made. When we realized its origins, we learned that prior to the synthetic resins, chicle was the basis of the entire industry. Our goal was to support chicle-harvesting by purchasing chicle. With this goal in mind, Verve was born, and with it our first and most popular product, the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit.

Today, Verve provides a sustainable source of income for those communities while simultaneously offering fun, educational, and environmentally friendly activities for kids.

Our pioneering Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit has captivated the imaginations of thousands of children while helping them to learn more about the world around them. They are often used in classrooms where students are studying rainforest ecology, the history of food production, the chemistry of cooking, and the interconnections in our global community.

The candy kits look AWESOME! What a great project to do in school, as a family or even as an activity at a birthday party!

The best part though is that Glee Gum contains no artificial colors, flavorings, or sweeteners. It is all-natural, contains no preservatives and is naturally gluten-free. Glee Gum is also eco-friendly, made in the U.S.A. and because it is made with Chicle, it helps conserve the Rainforest! Verve, inc. is also affiliated with the following organizations: 1% FOR THE PLANET, American Vegetarian Association, Green America, Feingold Association of the United States, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Trees for the Future.

Glee Gum just makes you feel good while chewing it. It tastes great, there is nothing artificial about it and you get to help fight a great cause, saving the Rainforest! Glee Gum would also make a great stocking stuffer/holiday gift!

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  1. I must be weird…I didn’t like this stuff at all, but then again, I am not really a gum chewer.

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