Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery Review

I think I have lost my mind. Or maybe I am just feeling the effects of being the only female in my house of 3 males! When I saw this product a while back, I couldn’t help but check it out since my favorite cake baker/decorator extraordinaire, Chef Duff Goldman was on the front of the box! The timing was perfect because I had just finished making my first 3-D cake with fondant icing for Sam’s birthday. As much as I watched Ace of Cakes on the Food Network to try and learn something that would help me in this crazy goal I set for myself, (yeah, that was wishful thinking, it looks a lot easier than it is!) I knew I needed a lot more “training.” Since going to school is not a realistic option for me, (ya know, the gluten thing and all) I thought this would be the next best thing! LOL! 😀

I really just think I miss my Easy Bake Oven from the 80’s.

So, I splurged on the Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery as a birthday present for myself (the cake mixes are made of cornstarch), all in the name of blog “research” of course! When I brought it home, I really thought Sam would have fun making mini works of art that “defy explanation”, just like the gang at Charm City Cakes! As soon as Sam saw the pink color on the decorating platform, he bailed on me faster than it takes to “bake” one of these little cakes in the microwave, (30 seconds)!

Reluctantly, I “hired” my new assistant, Luke. I say reluctantly because he does not follow directions very well. I know he is only 2 but chocolate does something to this little boy that it turns him into the equivalent of a 13 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert or even one of my older mom friends over Twilight, (seriously, what is it about Twilight?!). He goes absolutely nuts and I think he has even come close to actually fainting at the sight of chocolate! 😀

I sent an email to Jakks Pacific asking about the gluten free status of Girl Gourmet’s cake mix and this was the reply that I received:

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations.

The GG cupcake maker and candy products  do not contain glutten. However they are made in a factory that does make other products that contain glutten.

The Girl Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwhich Maker is made with glutten.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Carlos De Leon

Consumer Relations

21749 Baker Parkway Industry CA 91789


I probably should have corrected the spelling of gluten but I thought it was fitting: glutten! One letter away from Glutton, which would be so fitting for Luke when it comes to chocolate! LOL!

The cake decorating stand requires 2 "C" batteries to operate the airbrush tool. If Santa brings this to your child, be sure to test this right away. I sat on this project for too long and did not keep my receipt but 3 sets of brand new batteries later, the airbrush tool would not turn on.

The cake mix is made with cornstarch, but is made in a facility that also produces products made with gluten.

You need to use cooking spray before putting the cake mix in the "pan."

Put the lid on the pan before placing in the microwave.

Where did it go?

They do not mention this in the instructions, but be sure to spray the under side of the lid with cooking spray too! 🙂

If this happens and part of your "cake" sticks to the lid, it is okay because this is actually the bottom of the cake.

Turn the cakes out onto a paper towel to cool.

Fondant. This is from a powdered mix that you add a little spoon of water to (spoon is included). Even though the fondant was a little wet, it can be easily remedied by adding some cornstarch.

This is before I added the cornstarch to dry out the fondant a bit.

Do not turn your back on crazy chocolate monster with an open container of cornstarch! LOL!

Roll out the fondant...

Cover the cake (does not say to do a crumb coat of icing to smooth out the lumps before placement of the fondant...but this is a toy after all!

Apparently, I am not very good with fondant made for children either! 😉

Would you believe me if I said that a 2 year old made this and not a 36 year old??

All in all, I think this is a pretty cool toy. Depending on your personal guidelines for determining what you feel comfortable with in the terms of “gluten-free,” this was fun to play with. You might even be able to do an internet search for “make your own” toy cake mix recipes and just sub out your own mix for the factory made mix. I do this with Play-Doh toys. For instance, I bought the R2-D2 Play-Doh Toy and I just removed the actual Play-Doh before giving R2 to the boys to use with their Aroma Dough and Safe Art Dough by Blue Dominoes (GREAT stocking stuffers by the way!). I am collecting the unused Play-Doh and when I get enough, I am going to take it to the local Children’s Hospital or somewhere along those lines and donate it.

4 Responses

  1. How cool is that!!! 🙂 Love the blue hands! 😉 Hannah would love this! I just got her an Easy Bake Oven. This may be next!

  2. […] was actually after my review of the Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery that I was asked if I was interested in reviewing a gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free, […]

  3. i got this product i was a bit disapoinmtted becaus there is not enoug cake mix and the fondent is never comes out right how can i make the fondent not be soggy oh and where in fillmore do the sell corn starch

    • Lily,

      You are correct, it is a very small amount of cake mix. Adding corn starch to the fondant will soak up the moisture. Cornstarch can be easily found at major grocery stores in the baking aisle.

      Do you need a gluten-free mix?


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