Boo Grams

This is great… last night and tonight, I have had 3 Boo Grams delivered to my front door by a mystery neighbor, well, 3 mystery neighbors! This is a lot of fun and a great way to get your neighborhood acquainted. I thought I would share the link, it is not too late so go have some added Halloween fun! We are off to deliver our Boo Grams!

Boo Gram

Boo Gram2

How to start the tradition:

1. Create a “Boo” bag/basket o’ goodies (if this is new in your neighborhood, you may want to create 3 or 4)

2. Print a “Boo” gram

3. Find your unsuspecting target

4. Make the “drop”

5. Ring the doorbell and knock

6. RUN!!!

One Response

  1. Reminds me of May Day baskets when I was a lad

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