New GF Product Reviews

On my last night in Columbus, my buddy Jeff and I went to Meijer’s searching for some GF food to make for dinner. The following are my purchases. We made the pizza and chicken fingers that night and I took the other items home for my boys to try.
GF and Fabulous1

Not bad, but I would cook it directly on my own dedicated GF oven rack if I were at my house to make the crust crispier. It is pricy, at $16.99 so I would not buy this if it were sold in Albuquerque. For the price of this pizza, I could almost make 3 Udi's pizzas and have a lot more to go around! Plus, Udi's is better anyway!!

GF and Fabulous2

Before is a small pizza, maybe a little bigger than an Udi's crust, but you get (2) Udi's crusts for $6.00. I forgot to take a picture of the cooked pizza, but I still wanted to show the size of the pizza that you get for $16.99. In the gluten world, what would $16.99 buy, a large? Extra large?

Product Info: Gluten Free & Fabulous

Ians Go Bars

Not a fan. Sam and Luke didn't like them either. If I had tried these in Columbus, I would have returned them to the store to get my money back.

Product Info: Ian’s

S'Better Chix

These are okay, but if I were to make them at my house, I would bake them, then pan fry in a little oil to crisp up the coating, they were not crunchy straight out of the oven.

Product Info: S’Better Farms

Schar Cookies

Pretty good! They remind me of the Keebler cookies, Fudge Stripes.

Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

Delicious! This is my favorite of all the things we sampled. When you open the package, there are 3 individually wrapped bars, which would be nice to carry around or put in a lunch box. Cost: $4.99 for 3 bars, or $1.66 each, before shipping.

ChocHazelnut1 ChocHazelnut

Product Info: Schar

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  1. Great reviews! I have seen that pizza at Meijer and passed it up based on price alone. I agree, Udi’s rocks!

    Will have to check out those Schar bars. 🙂 YUM!!

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