Airline Travel: Gluten Free Style

I got home from Ohio late last night and am ready to get back to business! Traveling GF is quite a bit different by airplane than road tripping with your own food in tow! I have not been on an airplane in several years because the boys have been so small. I would be that lucky parent who’s child(ren) would go berserk on the plane and I would just want to go run and hide in the lavatory!

Some things that I had anticipated but did not really prepare for (because I was running late as usual) was making sure I had plenty of GF snacks for the flight and layovers. On the way out, I threw an apple and a sandwich made with Udi’s bread in my bag and I am so thankful for that! There really isn’t much other than chips, candy, etc. to be found at the airport that is GF. Not much as far as substance. The only offerings on the plane were cookies or pretzels, and they charge for them! Peanuts would work if the airline offers them and you are not allergic, but there is no way to anticipate if they will be available or not.

Hindsight being what it is, some good snacks to take that have a little protein and fiber to maintain a feeling of fullness on long flights and layovers would be Corn Nuts, yogurt (or yogurt tubes for the kids), individual packages of peanuts, or mixed nuts. An apple, string cheese, and GF pretzels.

Another good idea would be GF crackers with The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges or individual packages of peanut or other nut butters for the crackers. I doubt you could take a plastic knife through security but you could either check with a food vendor that is on the other side of security for a plastic knife or you could carry-on a wide popsicle stick that should suffice. You can buy these at craft stores or swipe one from the Dr.’s office 🙂


Laughing Cow

Peanut Butter

I traveled for 9 hours on the way out and if I had not had the apple and sandwich it would have made a long day even longer! On the way home it was only 6 hours but I didn’t bring anything with me. I think my stomach growling was getting a bit annoying for my neighbor!

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