Star Wars Birthday Party

Wow! Sam’s birthday was a great success and I am so happy to have that stress behind me! 🙂 6 weeks of Death Star pinata making, Light Saber making and Cake sculpting and decorating. I think I could sleep for a week!

So, this is what I learned the most…cake decorating is HARD work. Fondant is a nightmare for an over ambitious beginner who cannot seem to accept her limitations! 🙂 I have learned to appreciate professional bakers and decorators more than I ever did before. Watching “Ace of Cakes” is not sufficient training to make a 3-D Clone Trooper Helmet Cake that is not without some heavy duty flaws. Those guys make it look so easy…but I will never look at another beautifully decorated bakery cake and think…wow, why is that so expensive??? It is not the cost of materials that you are paying so much for…it is the experience, the amount of time that goes into crafting such a beautiful cake and the STRESS of wanting everything to turn out perfectly and put to a smile on the customer’s face.

Thank goodness my judge and jury were 6 year olds…they are very forgiving and somehow did not see all of the mistakes that I was fixating on!

I have seriously thought about “Photo-shopping” all of my blunders, but I will put my ego in check and let it all hang out. That is what this blog is all about…the good, the bad and the downright ugly!


Yeah...lumpy, bumpy and lopsided! LOL!!

Sam seemed to be impressed though and if you consider that his only alternative would have been cupcakes or a 9 x 13 “Pyrex” cake…I think he was excited to have this… So, if you have a young child with celiac disease or is gluten free for another reason and you, like me, have zero to very little cake decorating experience…go for it, you can do it too! While the cake may not be “perfect”… (but what in life is?), especially on the GF diet…what was perfect was the time I spent with my son and the special memories we made together. Sam will always remember this cake, not because I ordered a perfect cake but because we made a “Battle Tested” Clone Trooper together. Priceless.


5 9-inch Betty Crocker GF cakes and 1 cake mix made in a Pyrex bowl for the top of the helmet.


Working on the crumb coat


I am freaking out at this point...a sculptor I am not!


A minor resemblance...I think


profile of my lumpy, bumpy, lopsided clone trooper


I love 6 year old's smiles...they are all the same. I have a few photos with this exact look when I was his age!


The next few photos may look weird, but I blurred out the faces of the other kiddos for their protection.


I think they like it... (This is my buddy Kristen who so graciously opened her home to host the party for Garrett and Sam, she also made the very cool invitations...I didn't blur her face because she is not in the under 7 crowd!)

Star Wars Clone Tropper Invites(2)

Kristen designed and made the invitations on her Cricut

Star Wars Clone Tropper Invites-Inside(2)

Kristen is so creative, I love her attention to detail all the way down to the Star Wars Font!


Ahhh yes, this is my husband Mike asking all of the kids who would like to eat the "Clone Trooper's Brain."


And there he goes!


If you ever do a Star Wars/Clone Wars B-day party...if you do nothing else, you MUST make these pool noodle Light Sabers, they were a hit (pun intended).


Darth Vader even came to the party!


Death Star Pinata...


Daddy was really brave holding the beaten down pinata so the little ones could have a whack too...this is Luke and he is wearing shorts in October because he decided to sit in dog poo right before the party started!!


Candy galore...just enough to tide them over until Trick-Or-Treat night in a couple of weeks!

12 Responses

  1. Wow…I bow down to you!! What an amazing cake!!

  2. I’m so glad it was a great party! We had one on Saturday too, not nearly as successful as yours. My GF cake stuck in the pan and then broke and I had to send husband to the store for a regular one, so my daughter and I went cakeless. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, I also made GF/CF brownies for another guest, so we had those instead. And ate the cake out of the pan the next day.

    Your party looks too cool. Any kid, GF or not, would have loved it!

  3. It was an amazing cake and I kept having to hit Heidi in the arm to just say “thank you” when people complimented her on the wonderful cake she made. She is way to critical on herself and would point out what was wrong with it (which was nothing). I need all the photos from the party when you get a chance. I took a whole 3 pictures, am I bad mom or what?

  4. Okay you ROCK! Can you be my mom please? This is absolutely amazing Heidi. I love it. You’ve totally inspired me. Thanks for linking me to this post. You are my new hero – and for the record, I think it’s perfect! I want to take a cake decorating class too. Isn’t it funny how much our kids have influenced our paths! So cool.

    • Maggie,

      I know! This is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. Look at me, I am just a mom who is not a professional chef, baker, or cake decorator… and look at what I have been able to accomplish! My end products may not look perfect to some, but they look perfect for my son and that, my friend, is all that matters! 🙂 I really hope to inspire other mom’s to believe in themselves enough to at least try. You just may be surprised at the new road you find yourself on! LOL!

      Heidi 🙂

  5. FANTASTIC stuff!! I am having a star wars party for my soon to be 6 year old…wanted to see how you did the invitations, my son’s fave is the trooper guy and would love to know how to do the invites, not so sure about the cake, looks great! Any pointers would be great!

    • Hi Christine!

      The Star Wars Invitations were made by my friend Kristen on her Cricut paper cutter. I know at one point in time she was selling her cards, let me know if you are interested and I will ask if she is still making and selling them!

  6. Amazing!! I’m in the process of putting on a Star Wars 7th birthday party! I love your invites.. I have a Cricut machine, I was wandering what cartridge your friend used to make them?


  7. Hello, as everyone else has already said, the invitations are awesome. I am following the posts about your friend possibly selling them? Is that so, or does she have some pointers? We have a Cricut but have not seen the troopers before.
    Thanks, Matt

  8. Hi everyone! Heidi asked if I would leave my email address here if you wanted more information or the svg files on the clone trooper invitations. I also have svg files for some Darth Vadar invites as well (pictures too).

    My email address is: s-n-khallenbeck2001(at) comcast (dot) net


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