Subs, Grinders, Heros, Hoagies…

We all have our own name for them but essentially they all have one thing in common…good, toasty bread!

When I think of Saturdays in October as a kid, I think of pretty much two things…Ohio State Football and Yogi’s Hoagies!

Yogi’s Hoagies is the home of legendary sandwiches in Westerville, Ohio. Quite often when I was growing up, my dad would run and grab a hoagie and bring it home for the OSU Buckeye Football games. I have never had another sub/grinder/hero sandwich that was even in the same ballpark of flavor as a Yogi’s Hoagie. Obviously, I cannot have them anymore. At least not from Sue’s shop (who has been the owner since I was a kid)…I love places that seem to stay timeless like that.

On Saturday, I thought I would surprise my guys by trying to make a “real” sub sandwich. I think I came pretty darned close, thanks to Annalise G. Roberts, author of Gluten-Free Baking Classics. This is the same author that I got the recipe for Focaccia Bread recipe from.

This recipe is appropriately called “Submarine Sandwich Bread” and is on page 178. If you decide to buy this cookbook, you will also need a french bread pan to make the classic shape of the submarine roll.

It is really easy to do, my husband, whose idea of cooking is either on the grill or in a vat of oil has even made bread in a french bread pan…and I think he is even better at it than me! This is the redeeming quality about GF bread…it takes significantly less time to make than it’s gluten containing counterpart because you do not “knead” (LOL) to develop the gluten!

The deli meats I used for the sandwich are all Boar’s Head and they consist of low sodium turkey, low sodium ham, and Genoa salami. The cheese is provolone. My favorite add-in’s are lettuce, tomato, onion and banana peppers. I also used Boar’s Head brand Deli Dressing.

Sub Roll1

The size of this roll is about the size of my hand

Sub Roll2

Sub Roll3

I like to scoop out the inside of my rolls because I really just need a "holder" and not all of the added carbs

Sub Roll4

I brush on the Deli Dressing instead of pouring it on, just want the flavor and not the fat!

Sub Roll5

Outside of the salami, with the low sodium turkey and ham and using only one slice of provolone, I assume this is a lot lighter that any other restaurant "Italian" sub I have ever had

Sub Roll6

After toasting in the oven for about 5 minutes...

Sub Roll7 Sub Roll 8

This was the first time I have ever had a GF sub. Now, I realize that my taste buds have changed over the years of being GF, but I would have seriously questioned it’s GF status if I had not made it myself!

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  1. Oh, wow!! These look so good!!!

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