EEK! I won a contest!!!!

I am such a dork! No kidding…I feel like I’ve just won an Oscar 🙂 LOL! Anyway, I just won a contest on Gluten-Free Stuffing held by The Savvy Celiac.

Check out these links:

and here is the post with the recipe:

Anyway, I have been wanting to tell you about Amy Leger’s blog, “The Savvy Celiac” for a while now. She really does an amazing job in her research and no wonder…she spent 15 years in television news! Amy writes great Celiac in the News articles, articles for Parents of GF children, and gluten-free in Schools and Daycares. which is actually how my husband found her website since I also blog about things pertaining to celiac kiddos, although I cater mostly to the 6 and under crowd! The following is from The Savvy Celiac’s website in her “About” section:

Suffering from undiagnosed celiac disease and then quickly adjusting to a gluten-free diet is no walk in the park whether you’re a child or an adult. Whether you need help now on a specific issue or you want to be well-educated about this major lifestyle change, this site is for smart people who want to become savvy celiacs.

Now is the time to embrace the only treatment for this disease – the gluten-free diet. I have a lot of passion for this cause: my 9-year-old daughter has it, my 40-year-old brother was just diagnosed and we have a 17-year-old exchange student from Norway with us who also has celiac. My professional background is nearly 15 years in television news, which means I am always looking for the newsier and timelier story to discuss or a hot topic I can develop with an interview. On occasion you will also see a personal story, like when my dog ate the gluten-free chocolate cake. But my hope is to educate people by combining my journalism/writing background with my experiences, frustrations, and successes managing the gluten-free lifestyle in my home. I hope you enjoy the information as well.

For parents, this blog is about educating and helping you with your celiac kids at home, daycare or at school; including information speaking directly to caregivers and nutritional directors. But it’s also for adult celiacs and providing information to empower you to fight for your health and maintain the gluten-free lifestyle, wherever you go!

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You really should check out her blog, it’s great (and not just because she liked my Stuffing, LOL!).

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