Gluten-Free Choice Batter

I just got an email from my GIG support group about a new product and I thought I would share the info! I have not tried this product so I cannot do a review for you. What peaks my interest is the “Low Oil-Absorbing Recipe.” If anyone has tried it, please let me know what you thought of it!


The healthier option for GREAT-TASTING Gluten-Free frying!

As we move into October, “Celiac Awareness Month“, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new gluten-free product, ChoiceBatter!

My name is Ron Friedman, and I am one of the founders of CrispTek, makers of ChoiceBatter.  ChoiceBatter is a patented blend of rice flours and when used for frying produces a crispy delicious coating that absorbs up to 50% less oil than traditional batters.  It is certified Gluten-Free by GFCO, certified Kosher Pareve by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC), and manufactured in a facility free of the eight common allergens.

We have received positive feedback from taste tests done at other support groups, and here are a few of their quotes:

Wow!  It was so crunchy and mouth watering that I just wanted to keep eating. My daughter got to eat onion rings and chicken tenders for the first time!”

“I was so excited to have fried-chicken again.  My husband made it the other night for the family, and no one could tell it was gluten-free.  It was delicious!”

Since launching our website in June, we have received internet orders from those diagnosed with Celiac disease from across the country.  Additionally, we are in seventeen retail stores, consisting of twenty one locations in eight states. Ultimately, we are interested in getting ChoiceBatter “on the shelf” at a retail store near you.  You can check for local retailers, as well as learn more about CrispTek and ChoiceBatter, by visiting our website at    Please support your local retailers.

Feel free to recommend stores that support those in your group.   I will personally follow up with the store managers and attempt to get us stocked for your future purchases.

Internet orders, of course, incur a shipping charge.  So if you are not fortunate to have a local retailer, I’d like to extend an introductory offer to your members for the month of October:

Order 36 (or more) 18 oz boxes of ChoiceBatter at $5.49 per box (discounted from the internet price of $5.99 per box)

and your shipping will be FREE

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to place a bulk order for your group.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you very much,

Ron Friedman

CrispTek, the makers of ChoiceBatter

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