Tom’s Bugles

Remember Bugles? The cone shaped corn snack? The little chips that were so cool to put on the tips of your fingers and pretend like they were a witch’s fingernails? Okay, maybe that was just me 🙂  Tom’s Bugles, which I found at my local gas station a while back, are Gluten Free! The manager of the convenience store will order a case from her supplier for me because I cannot seem to find a place to buy them online, in fact when I called Tom’s, the lady did say that you cannot order them online. So, if you are lucky enough to live in an area that sells Tom’s brand snacks, or are road trippin’ and stop at a convenience store and happen to see them…go ahead, relive a childhood memory (yes, I am 35 and will still try to put them on my fingertips, although they don’t fit so well anymore!) the Bugles are gluten free!

I called the phone number on their website, 1-800-99-LANCE and the lady said that Toms Original Bugles are in fact gluten free!

DO NOT confuse Tom’s brand Bugles with the General Mills Bugles…the General Mills Bugles have wheat in them. Hey, maybe General Mills will reformulate their Bugle chips someday!


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