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Star Wars Birthday Party – Crunch Time

Okay…I have A LOT of pent up anxious energy over my 3-D Clone Trooper helmet cake next week!! I know that in the end it will turn out fine, whether the end product is the actual cake or some really cool cupcakes… but I REALLY want to make this cake and have it actually look like a Clone Trooper Helmet!

So, in the meantime, instead of pacing back and forth, I put my nervous energy to work and made Light Sabers out of pool noodles to give as party favors…although I am quite sure they will end up as the entertainment of the evening… I better pack some Charmin so I can pad myself for protection from 30 swinging light sabers!

Light Sabers

These are really easy to make…just a bunch of skinny pool noodles, colored Duck Tape (the colors I used are Midnight Madness and Silver Coin), I bought both at Michael’s Craft Store. For an added touch, I used Scribbles 3-D Paint in Christmas Red to make a red “button” on the light saber handles.

So of course Sam thought they were cool…but then had the idea of making Darth Maul‘s double light saber…

Daur Maul's Saber Daurth Maul

Ahhh…if he could only be 5 3/4 years old forever 🙂

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One Response

  1. […] success and I am so happy to have that stress behind me! 6 weeks of Death Star pinata making, Light Saber making and Cake sculpting and decorating. I think I could sleep for a […]

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