Gluten Free Candy Lists

My blogging buddy Kim over at Gluten Free is Life just made a post on gluten free candy. Thanks Kim! Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to start compiling updated lists on what candy to keep and what candy to discard from the kiddos treat sacks. Kim has a list from 2008 here. Gluten Free in San Diego has a list here.

I recently subscribed to and so far, I love it! For $4.95 a month you can login, and look up just about any product and check it’s gluten free status! They also have a new iphone app called Gluten Scan.

From The Zeer Blog:

GlutenScan is the first iPhone app that allows people to pick up a product in the grocery store, type in a Name or UPC and determine if that product is safe or not.  If a product contains gluten, glutenScan automatically searches the database and recommends gluten free alternatives.

Yipee! Life is getting a little easier 🙂

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  1. Zeer is almost $60 per year. That’s not cheap. What’s not mentioned here is that is an additional $18 or so a year for iPhone App. That is close to $80 a year…to me that equals A LOT!!! Why not just buy the online version and use the web browser on te phone to access it and forego paying more money???? Idea is great. Website is great buy continually charging for the service isn’t.

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