Boston’s Gourmet Pizza, an update

I received a very nice email from the Manager who assisted me at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza last week after I was accidentally “glutened.” I wanted to share with everyone the email and the steps that the Albuquerque Boston’s has taken to see that this will hopefully not happen again. It puts a smile of gratitude on my face for their effort in continuing education for the staff. Kudos to Boston’s, you are the type of restaurant that this celiac will become a loyal customer to!

Hello “Gluten Free Mom”,
I want to again apologize for the mix up with your food at the restaurant. I completely understand that buying your food is not enough with the troubles and worries that you were faced with after the incident. I had a talk with the kitchen manager and the server again after the incident, and it turns out that the server put Gluten free on the pizza but not on the fondue.
I want you to know that all of our servers and our kitchen are being told at each and every pre-shift how important it is that they treat the gluten free items as life or death. Myself and the general manager have also told the servers that if one item from the table is ordered gluten free to make sure that they clarify on each and every order from the table if it needs to be gluten free or with gluten.
Thank you once again

Desiree’ McBrayer
Accountant- Boston’s Gourmet Pizza
4300 The 25 Way
Office: 505-554-2285
Fax: 505-899-7004

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