Side Adventure of a GF Mom

Parenthood. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. Priceless, really. The moments of pure joy when your child tells you they love you, cries for you when you when they are scared or sick….then when they say, “No mommy…no dance” as they stick their 2 year old little finger in the air and shake it at you as you are doing the goofy dance in the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

This brings back memories of my dad wearing a clown nose as we drove from Ohio to Minnesota to see my Grandma and Grandpa. My sisters and I pretty much hid on the floor of the car for 1,000 miles! I can now look back at that time and MISS it. It is a parent’s right and privilege to embarrass their kids! Heck, that is where the best memories come from…

Our children humble us. They help us remember the pure innocence of our early years.

Yesterday, after a wonderful afternoon swimming at my parents, my Luka…oh, how I love him…decided for the 1,234,567,890th time to not heed the warning of his mama. “Luka, come here, I want you to stay right next to mommy.” As I loaded the van with the small arsenal of items that just won’t fit in my purse, Luke did a very 2 year old thing…He.Did.Not.Listen!!!

Next thing I know, my baby ran into a cactus and promptly sat on it!! I was MORTIFIED! Thank the good Lord above for my sister…well, sort of. She just graduated from Nursing School and is a bonafide R.N. (so proud of her). Me? Let’s just say I am a little bit hypochondriac…just a little 🙂 When Gretchen had me take Luke in the house, she immediately told me to remove his shorts so she could see if there were hidden needles. We found one with the tip sticking out of his thigh. Gretch saw it and said, “OMG, we have to get that out.” As she left the room (and me with my thoughts!) to find some tweezers; I immediately think to myself..”OMG, the needle is leeching poison into Luke’s boo heiny!!

In true Schmidt female form…we women were all over the place. The only pair of tweezers my mom had were blunt tipped and would not pull a nail out of an elephant’s behind. As my sister and mom bickered over why the heck would anyone buy blunt tipped tweezers anyway, I ran to my mobile drugstore on wheels, and found a sharp tip pair of tweezers in my glove box (I like to pluck my brows when my husband is behind the wheel on the weekends…it helps the time go by faster!). I ran in the house and as Gretchen was trying to hold Luke still and straight (at the same time) I lubed up his thigh with Neosporine + Pain relief and went in. I pulled out a 1/4 – 1/2 inch cactus needle. I may have fainted but can’t remember.

Gretchen said I should get Luke to the Dr. to make sure there weren’t more needle under the skin. I think…call an ambulance so I don’t have to strap him in a car seat with cactus needles in his butt! I settled for forking over the keys to my mini and allowing my “convertible, sports car driving R.N. little sister” drive me (oh, and Luke) to the ER. Shhhhh….I held him in the front passenger seat with his “nekkid” bum in the air all the way to the Doctor! I know, it is unsafe and everything else. I promise I am not a Britney Spears wanna-be…Remembering growing up sitting on my dad’s lap while he drove the car without a seat belt (when it was legal) and with the understanding of cactus needles in Luke’s bottom, I was NOT going to strap him in a car seat. I would have gladly gone to jail to defend that point. While rules are in place for a reason…we have gotten really uptight about them, even when it is the right thing to do.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share that story in case you missed my “Tweet” on the matter…see bottom right side bar.

As much as it sucks to have a child with Celiac Disease, it really doesn’t. We have children that have an extremely serious disease but, at this time, the disease only needs to be treated by diet. No chemo, no radiation, no transplants.

The GF diet even hurts less that a cactus in your bum!

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