Order Udi’s GF Items Online!!

You can now order Udi’s GF products online… woo hoo!!!

I will copy and paste an email from Dee Valdez on how to do it…

People have to send an order request by email to Cynthia. Please have them mention GlutenFreeDee. Apparently Cynthia is overwhelmed with GF orders! I’ve only been promoting it for a little more than a week but creating a buzz for a couple months. Udi’s is great stuff!

We’re developing a piece people can print off and take into their favorite grocers.

For now, have people speak to a manager as often as time permits and request they carry the Udi’s products. In North Texas, the retailers are having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked. People are demanding more product and the full selection of products. It’s pretty exhilarating to see Celiacs speak up for themselves and demand better treatment. It makes me proud!

So, to sum it up…

To order Udi’s products and have them shipped to your home:

  • Send an email to Cynthia at: GlutenFree@UdisFood.com (there is not currently an ordering section on the website)
  • Mention that GlutenFreeDee sent ya
  • Once you get your order and try their products, please send me an email or comment about what you thought…(feel free to also tell me how much you love me for helping you discover Udi’s GF Foods!).  I’m such a dork…  but trust me, once you try the bread, right out of the bag…  you WILL find yourself carrying around a loaf just to have people try it, random strangers even! 😉

Come on, join the dork movement with me!

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