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Excuse me, is that GF Soy Sauce in your pocket?

I like to consider myself up to date on most things GF, but I missed this. So in case you did too…

San-J Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce in portable packets!!

No more carrying a huge bottle with me, or having to do without if I happen to get an impromptu craving for Pei Wei’s Spicy Shrimp with Brown Rice or the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Roll…

A curiosity…Why doesn’t Pei Wei, an Asian restaurant with a GF menu…carry GF Soy Sauce anyway?

These little packets would be great to keep a stash in your purse (or glove compartment if you are not a purse carrying guy)…heck, my kids would eat this stuff on french fries if I would let them! It does help broccoli go down…hope this will soon come in the lower sodium version 🙂


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