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I often get questions on where I buy our GF food.  While I do shop at my local Whole Foods, R. Downs Nutrition Center, and Smith’s grocery store, I actually buy most of my pre-packaged foods on Amazon.  The great thing is that Amazon has a lot of great GF foods on their site.  Some are common things you can find at a local store and then there are the “unusual” items, like the GF Ditalini pasta by Felicia (imported from Italy) that I just ordered to make homemade GF Spaghetti O’s (recipe coming soon).

What I like is that on the items we use a lot, I can buy by the case, like Tinkyada pastas, the New Betty Crocker Dessert mixes, etc., and I save money.  Anyone on the GF diet knows that your grocery bill does increase for processed items like cereals, pastas and so on.

I have an Amazon Prime Membership, there is an annual $79 fee, but I far surpass that in the money I save on shipping and I also get FREE 2-day shipping on Prime Items.  There is a free one month trial going on right now, just click the above link.  Quite a few GF items are eligible for Prime.

Another program of Amazon’s that I use is the “Subscribe and Save” program.  You can sign up to subscribe for automatic shipments every month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months.  You save an additional 15%, get free shipping and can cancel at anytime.

Amazon just started offering the Betty Crocker GF Dessert Mixes on it’s Subscribe and Save program.  A case of 6 (of one type) is regularly $23.84, or $3.97/ea.  With Subscribe and Save’s additional 15% discount, a case of 6 drops to $20.26 or $3.37/ea.  As a comparison, I pay $4.99 for each mix at my local Smith’s grocery store.  You get free shipping to boot, and you don’t have to be disappointed when you drive to the grocery store and they are out of the mixes!

The only downside to shopping this way is storage space.  I seem to keep moving to bigger homes with bigger garages to store my small “grocery store” of GF food!  We didn’t really move for that reason, but it certainly was a factor in the home we chose.  I have 2 pantries, 2 refrigerators (1 is in the garage) and 2 deep freezers.

My family and friends have already told me that in the event of a world disaster or swine flu pandemic, they know where they are going!

My Amazon Listmania List for my GF favorites

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  1. We're there too in case the bird flu hits-LOL! Scott had throw that in for ya!

  2. Tell Scott that he may come and partake of my gluten free haven (you, Garrett and Caden get in free of charge) if he brews a special GF beer for me at his brewery! I will need it if I am quarantined with he and Mike for more than a day! 🙂

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