Udi’s Lemon Struesel Muffins

I will start this off by admitting that I am not a huge fan of lemony desserts, so I was skeptical that I would like them.  Why I even bothered with the skepticism, I do not know…  there is something magical happening up in Denver because once again I was blown away.

The flavor reminds me of a lemon pound cake, with an essence of lemon.  The texture is definitely that of a cupcake…  which I like after all these years of very heavy baked goods.

My 6 year old nephew was over the day we sampled the muffins.  Now, he is a picky eater anyway (he won’t even eat gluten pizza if the cheese turns golden brown from cooking, it has to be white), so he is definitely leery when I try to coerce him into taste testing for me!

Christian started with a crumb, shrugged his shoulders and ran back to the very important Wii game I so rudely interrupted.  A few minutes later, I see some little fingers reach up on the table, grab the muffin then quickly replace it with a much bigger missing bite…  back to the Wii.  Not even a minute later, he gave up the Wii (which is HUGE for a 6 year old boy in the middle of a light saber duel), came back to the kitchen, sat at the table and ate every last bite…  he even licked the crumbs!

Pure Heaven

To quote the Press Release that came with my package of goodies:

“Chad White, director of product development and the Gluten Free Guru at Udi’s, has already received two marriage proposals from fans of his gluten free creations.”

With my husband’s approval (as long as it includes free Udi’s GF products)…  Chad now has a third! 😉

3 Responses

  1. It really is such a big deal for anyone to leave an intense Wii game for a bite of food, especially a little guy who is a picky eater! So exciting that we won his little heart and filling his tummy will now be so much easier.

    The topping on these great muffins will become “more uniform” according to Director of Product Development, Chad White. Initially there was too much (can there ever be too much??), recently too little, now it should be just right.

    So happy you, and 6-year-old Christian, are enjoying the products!

    Dee Valdez
    Udi’s Gluten Free Product Ambassador

  2. yummilious Heidi, I think I simply must come over and try these! Especially if Christian liked them!! WOW to the new blog look, I LOVE it, it is so much more…well YOU! love you!

  3. […] likes it, then it must be good! His son, my nephew Christian, is just like him. Refer to my post on Udi’s Lemon Streusel Muffins to see what I […]

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