Gluten-Free Living Magazine

My favorite magazine, Gluten-Free Living Magazine; has been a great source of information to me. I just received my most recent copy, Number 2/2009. In the first article, titled, “Top 10 Most Nagging Ingredient Questions,” by Editor Ann Whelan, Ann really gets down to it. Caramel Color, Cheese (i.e.: Blue cheeses), Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Low-gluten-hosts, Maltodextrin, Mono and Diglycerides, Oats, Skin Products, Spices and Vinegars.

I won’t recap the entire article because I encourage everyone to subscribe t0 this well-researched and well-written magazine. I want to include Ann’s segment on Vinegar. I love how she writes.

“Vinegar is gluten free, has always been gluten free and should never have been questioned in the first place. Distillation is a process that effectively removes the gluten protein, even if wheat is used. Consequently, distilled vinegar made from wheat is gluten free.”

“However, most vinegar is not made from wheat. Apple, corn, grape and rice sugars are the most frequently used sources. The bottom line is that all distilled vinegars are safe on the gluten free diet so you don’t have to worry about the source being listed on the label.”

“Malt vinegar, however, is not distilled and it therefore is not safe for those who follow a gluten-free diet.”

Whelan, Ann, ed. “Top 10 Nagging Ingredient Questions.” Gluten-FreeLiving Number2/2009: 8-9.

Here is a sampling of the article titles in the current issue:

  • * Malt Extract in Gluten-Free Food?
  • * Are celiac patients in the US missing out on a good thing? (talks about Codex wheat starch that is widely used in Europe)
  • * Summer heats up GF food choices
  • * How to grill gluten free
  • * Lickety Split: GF ice cream is easy to find
  • * Basement Brew: How to make homemade GF beer
  • * 3 steps to lose weight on a GF diet
  • * A review of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book, “The G Free Diet”
  • * New organic, imported, kid-friendly GF foods
  • * Is it Gluten Free: A basic diet guide for celiacs
  • * Is there a GF bubble market?

I highly recommend this magazine. I know it may seem a bit expensive at $34.00 for 4 issues or $54.o0 for 8 issues (I do the 8 issue subscription), but it is worth it. I also don’t mind paying top dollar if it helps me and my family live our best life. Publications such as Gluten-Free Living make my life easier by going through all the channels and red tape to find out the inner workings of the food manufacturing industry to keeps us safe.

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