Pizzeria Uno

My family and I took a little trip from Albuquerque to Las Cruces, NM this weekend, where there is a Pizzaria Uno’s (I used to love “Uno’s” back in the day when all of my best childhood girlfriends worked at the “Uno’s” in Columbus, Ohio…many fond memories, (especially of the pizza skins and probably a few too many alcoholic beverages).
I had heard a lot of buzz surrounding Pizzaria Uno’s new and improved gluten-free menu that actually had pizza on it (gasp). I just HAD to go. So, we drove 3 ½ hours for pizza. After I had it, I would drive 10 hours if I had to!

The whole experience was amazing. The staff was kind, informed of the GF diet and how to take the necessary precautions due to the danger for celiacs from cross-contamination. And boy, were they informed! I saw something that I have never seen in the 5 years of dining out gluten-free. The server and the manager delivered our food wearing gloves, to further prevent cross contamination. Gloves!

I was speechless. Really, I almost kissed them. Luka blew them one for all of us!

We all ordered pizza, there were 3 types to choose from, cheese, pepperoni or vegetable. They are thin crust and touted as “individual” sized pizzas. It would easily serve 2 people if you order a salad to go with it. We ordered some of each and we all ordered the Caesar salad too.

Heaven. That’s all I can say, it was that good. I forgot what real pizza with a thin, pliable crust tasted like! I could actually fold it and it didn’t break or fall to pieces in crumbles.

I don’t think we spoke a word at our table until we were finished, which says quite a bit in itself!

A bonus for the grown-ups on the gluten free diet?

Beer. 🙂

I think the best part (besides the pizza, of course) was just talking to the staff and hearing their stories about how children would come in with their parents and experience their very first piece of pizza, ever, at age 5 or 6. You could see how they were affected by being able to share that with their customers.

I wish we had an Uno’s here in Albuquerque…

Well, I guess that is why we have a macked out mini-van…ROAD TRIP!!!

Thank you so much Las Cruces Pizzaria Uno Chicago Grill and Assistant General Manager, Thomas Fry. A 5 star experience in my book.

To view the Uno’s Chicago Grill Gluten-Free Menu, click here.

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